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17-23 Mar 2018: Kilauea Volcano Special - Big Island, Hawaiʻi
17-23 Mar 2018: Pele´s Fire and Myths - Big Island, Hawaiʻi
28 Apr - 3 May 2018: Aegean's Hidden Gem: Isle of Milos - Milos Island (Greece)
5-13 May 2018: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
12-20 May 2018: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
19-27 May 2018: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
9-17 Jun 2018: From Stromboli to Etna - Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
24 Jun - 1 Jul 2018: Nyiragongo Lava Lake & Mountain Gorillas - DR Congo + Rwanda
12-14 Jul 2018: Krakatau Volcano Special - Krakatau volcano, Sunda Strait
15-31 Jul 2018: Volcanoes and Spices - N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
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Our team

Our team is based in Europe, Indonesia and Hawaii and includes members of the scientific community associated with geological associations such as the IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior), GSA (Geological Society of America), EAG (European Association of Geochemistry) and EGU (European Geophysical Society). We work closely with international scientists from volcanological institutes and observatories all over the world. Our services have been called upon by groups, individuals and media such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the BBC, CNN and Geo. As knowledgeable professionals we can offer you safe and unique tours in volcanic environments.

Tom Pfeiffer

Tom Pfeiffer
Tom Pfeiffer
German volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer, founder and general manager of VolcanoDiscovery, is passionate about volcanoes ever since he first saw an eruption on Mt. Etna. He has been guiding / organizing tours since 1997 and he founded VolcanoDiscovery back in 2004.
Tom obtained his PhD degree about the Santorini volcano and has worked at the volcano observatories of Hawaii and Vesuvius volcano. Besides being the main organizer of all our VolcanoAdventures itineraries he personally guides many of the European tours as well as the occasional volcano expeditions which are offered when an important eruption occurs.
During his travels, he found one his strongest passion in photography and the sharing of his knowledge and the living adventures outside the scientific community. His photographs and a large number of articles about volcanoes have been published in newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic, Scientific American (April 2003 issue about Etna), and others. Other activities include the assistance of documentary film productions about Santorini (“The myth of the lost city of Atlantis”, "Mystery Hunters", both on Discovery Channel) and Stromboli (“Quarks and co: Vulkane” recently aired by the German television channel WDR), and the ongoing series "Volcanic Odysseys" by Canadian filmmaker Michael Dalton.

Tom speaks English, Danish and Italian fluently (besides German, of course) and Greek and French with some Spanish quite well. He has spent a total of about 2 years in Italy (Rome, Sicily, Naples Volcano Observatory), a year on Santorini in Greece, as well as worked for 4 months at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, lived in Denmark for 7 years before moving to Athens in 2004.

Ingrid Smet

Ingrid on Stromboli (Italy) during her first extended visit to this constantly active volcano in January 2013.
Belgian geologist Dr. Ingrid Smet is the newest member of our team. Whilst studying the deposits of ancient Greek volcanoes, she became intrigued with the actual eruption mechanisms and eventually got a taste for the wonderful experience of observing an active volcano from (relatively) close.
She likes to share her passion about geology and love for nature with anyone interested to learn more - enthusiastic to translate her scientific knowledge to a broad audience. Besides supporting Tom with the organisation of our tours and the design of this website, she will be guiding some of our European tours and act as an extra geologist tour guide when we travel with larger groups.


Andi on Slamet volcano in March 2014
Adi Susanto Rosadi ("Andi") from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is the principal volcano expedition organizer for VolcanoDiscovery in Indonesia. He's been traveling around the country's many active volcanoes since he was a teenager - giving him an unsurpassed knowledge about them and close contacts with many volcanologists. He uses this experience to organize workshops for local guides to teach them about volcanoes. And during the large 2010 eruption of his home volcano Merapi, he participated in the dedicated emergency and rescue operations, often risking his own life. The Indonesian volcanoes are however usually more peaceful and Andi's favourite destination for hikes and photography.

Yashmin Chebli

Yashmin Chebli au bord du lac de lave du Kilauea, Hawaii
French volcanologist Yashmin Chebli is convincing when he says that he has always been fascinated by the raw power of nature and the beauty of the universe. This passion led him to study volcanoes at university and brought him to Peru and Italy. The fact that he likes to share this passion and is skilled in organizing and communicating allowed him to start a parallel career as expedition organizer to volcanoes on Hawaii, Indonesia, Vanuatu and elsewhere. He has 15 years of experience of guiding groups and individuals around new adventurous destinations all over the world. His talent and enthusiasm in what he's doing is second to none! Yashmin is largely in charge of our French section and creating tours aimed towards French-speaking clients.

Marco Fulle

Marco in front of a fresh lava flow erupted from his favourite volcano, Mt Etna.
Dr. Marco Fulle is an Italian astronomer and volcano expert considered to be among the best volcano photographers world-wide. His specialty is Mt. Etna and with his photographs he is co-author of the popular educative website Stromboli Online. He and Tom lived many volcano adventures together, making them an excellent eruption-observing team and close friends. Marco guides some of our volcano tours in Italy, in particular to Etna and Stromboli. Mt. Etna is however his most beloved volcano which he considers as his "second home".

Emanuela Carone

Emanuela Carone from our VolcanoDiscovery Italy team, correspondant and coordinator for Etna volcano
Italian Emanuela Carone lives in Catania at the foot of Mt Etna. Since her childhood, she has been in love with the volcano and knows it better than almost everyone else. She regularly climbs the mountain and closely follows its activity. For VolcanoDiscovery, she's our main correspondant on location, providing news, updates, photos and videos and she manages our excursions on location.
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