Short tours and excursions:

Etna volcano (Sicily): Etna Trekking Tour
(private and group tours to Etna volcano with a mountain guide)
Private day tours on Etna volcano
Duration: 4-7 hours Tour type:1-day tours: active volcanoes Difficulty Custom (variable)
Price p.p.: from 95 EUR p. p.
Custom and group dates

NEW: group tours to the summit craters: [online booking]
Enjoy Europe's most active volcano with one of our expert mountain guides!
Join us on a private or group tour to Etna's majestic summit reaching more than 3300 m a.s.l.
Stand on the roof of the Mediterranean and enjoy a breathtaking view around. To peer into the abysses of Europe's largest active volcano's craters is an experience of a lifetime.
In addition to our group tours and individual private day tours, we also offer special tailor made itineraries to suit your travel needs and satisfy your whishes, including accommodation of all categories and private transfers, all backed up with expert knowledge from local specialists and fully certified volcanological and alpine guides.
Depending on the chosen itinerary, these tours require moderate to excellent physical condition, adequate clothing and take between 5 and 7 hours total duration.

Access to the summit area and the craters may be restricted at any time due to the frequently changing eruptive conditions. ...more info

Eolian Islands (Sicily): Stromboli Trekking
(group and private tours to watch Stromboli volcano)
Climbs to Stromboli volcano
Duration: 5-7 hours (afternoon / evening) Tour type:1-day tours: active volcanoes Difficulty Moderate
Price p.p.: from 40 EUR p.p.
Custom and group dates
Any day between 15 Mar - 1 Nov
Notice: due to the recent very strong explosive activity of the volcano, access to the summit area of Stromboli is closed until further notice.
For the time being, no tours to the craters can be offered.

Climbing Stromboli volcano can be an extremely rewarding experience. Famous for its regular fireworks since Ancient times, Stromboli is one of the very few volcanoes in the world that is in near-constant activity. It offers visitors a relatively easy access to a vantage point where its fireworks can be observed from very close range in reasonable safety.
In addition, the island of Stromboli with its particularly addictive charm is always worth a visit. Surrounded by sea, magnificient black-sand beaches, a tranquil setting (no cars), beautiful white houses with lush gardens, it provides a perfect surrounding for a relaxing holiday. ...more info

Saronic Gulf (Greece): Treasures of the Saronic Gulf
(2-days excursion to the Methana volcanic peninsula in the Saronic Gulf near Athens)
Visit the Methana peninsula!
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights Tour type:Walking & study tour: photography - geology & volcanism - archaeology Difficulty Easy-Moderate
Price p.p.: from 320 EUR p.p.
Custom and group dates

The Saronic Gulf opposite of Athens is one of Greece's most undervalued destinations. Beyond the better known attractions such as Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and Epidauros, few people visit anything else.
Deeply intertwined with ancient history and legends, the Saronic Gulf is an area full of unspoiled nature, hidden archeological remains, charming villages and even has an active volcano (currently dormant) right in front of Aegina: the Methana peninsula with its lush, green mountains and hidden geologic treasures such as fumaroles and hot springs famous since antiquity.
On this tour which is available throughout the year at dates on request for small groups of up to 6 people, you will get to know some of the lesser known, but gorgeous destinations of this area, accompanied by an expert geologist or photographer from our team. It is a perfect addition to your visit to Athens or Greece in general and can be easily combined with your own program:
Starting in Athens, we pass the famous Corinth channel where a photo stop is almost mandatory, and soon reach the area of Epidaurus where we should visit the most famous and most beautiful of all Ancient Greek theaters. We then take you to the Methana peninsula where we spend two nights. The tour ends in Poros Island, one of the most picturesque of Greece and from here you can extend your visit of the Saronic Gulf (ferry connections to Aegina, Hydra etc) or return to Piraeus and on to other islands or back to town or the airport.
Truly a tour off the beaten track! ...more info

Santorini Island (Greece): Santorini Geology Tour
(private tours to discover Santorini's geology with a volcanologist, 1-3 days)
Duration: 1-3 days Tour type:1-day tours: geology & volcanism Difficulty Custom (variable)
Price p.p.: from 750 EUR
Custom tour dates
We offer you private geology tours to get to know the extraordinary geology and natural history of Santorini island, but also aspects of the deep connection with its cultural history and archaeology. ...more info

East Java (Indonesia): Volcanoes of East Java
(4-5 days walking tour to Bromo, Semeru and Ijen)
Volcanoes in East Java: Bromo, Semeru, Ijen
Duration: 4-5 days Tour type:Walking & study tour: nature & culture - active volcanoes Difficulty Custom (variable)
Price p.p.: depending on nr of people and program
Custom tour dates
On this tour you will explore the best known and most active volcanoes of East Java: Bromo and the spectactular Tengger caldera, the constantly active Semeru and Ijen volcano with its infamous acid lake and sulphur mines.
Hot springs, rainforests, dramatic landscapes, Indonesia's welcoming and charming people, scientific and local competence, a mixture of fun and adventure await you. The tour is ideal as an excursion from Bali and is designed for individuals or small groups on request. ...more info

Villarrica volcano (Chile): Villarrica Geotour
(1-day geotour around Villarrica volcano with a volcanologist guide and Villarrica expert)
Duration: 1 day Tour type:1-day tours: geology & volcanism - active volcanoes Difficulty Easy
Price p.p.: 140 €  ? 
Custom tour dates
Villarrica is the most active volcano in Chile, which rises above the lake and town of the same name. This volcano has had 120 eruptions since 1400! So the history of this volcano is very interesting! Caldera collaps, plinian eruptions and pyroclastic flows..all this you will find there.
This tour is for those, who are interested in earth sciences, nature lovers and photographers, who wish an insight into the past and present of Villarrica volcano, from the perspective of an research volcanologist from POVI (Chile`s Volcanoes Foundation).
This trip do not require special physical conditions as you are transported from one sight to the other, and during each stop you make an up to 10 min walk around the place, listening to the guide's explanations and admiring breathtaking scenery. ...more info
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