Eruption and Volcano Specials: Tours to erupting volcanoes

Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
We sometimes organize expeditions to active volcanoes or current eruptions outside our regular program on often short notice.
This gives you the best possible chance to witness a volcanic eruption with competent company and guidance, but you should be prepared to adventurous and improvised conditions and logistics. Due to the nature of such trips, we often cannot provide very detailed information on exact itinerary etc.
If you are up to a true volcano adventure, this is for you!

Generally, participants need to be quick to pack their backpacks, and arrange their arrival to the destination themselves (although we can assist you with finding your flight).
The program for these tours is very simple and almost entirely a function of the conditions on location and what is possible and safe: to spend several days in the area, visiting and searching for the best viewpoints to observe the eruption and its effects. We provide accommodation, transfers and the local know-how to find the best spots - and stay safe.
You find below a list of currently available Eruption Special tours - please note that this list is often updated, so come and visit this page regularly. If you like to be informed whenever we announce such a short-notice special trip, please let us know via email.

Group tour dates:

DatesPrice p.p.TourDifficulty
MayExpedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano4-8 May 2020 (2 nights on Krakatau)1450 €  ? Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)(Volcano expedition: photography - adventure)
OctExpedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano1-5 Oct 2020 (2 nights on Krakatau)1450 €  ? Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)(Volcano expedition: photography - adventure)
Dec7-16 Dec 2020 (full solar eclipse 14 Dec 2020)3750 €  ? Chile(Walking & study tour: photography - geology & volcanism - active volcanoes)
: spaces available / : guaranteed / : few spaces left / : booked out

Tour overview:


Siau Island (Indonesia): Karangetang Volcano Special
(expedition to see the ongoing eruption of Karangetang volcano)
7 days / 6 nights - Easy
1390 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present

Volcano Special: expedition to Ibu, Dukono, Lokon
(14 days volcano tour to erupting Dukono and Ibu volcanoes in Halmahera)
14 days / 13 nights - Moderate
3190 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present

Sinabung Volcano Special
Sumatra (Indonesia): Sinabung Volcano Special
(5 days volcano expedition to Sinabung volcano, Sumatra)
5 days / 4 nights - Easy
1490 €  ? 
Custom and group dates

Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano
Krakatau volcano (Indonesia): Krakatau Volcano Special
(expedition to study & observe Anak Krakatau volcano and its activity)
3 -7 days - Easy
1450 €  ? 
Custom and group dates
when erupting
4-8 May 2020
1-5 Oct 2020

Expedition to active Batu Tara volcano
Batu Tara (Indonesia): Batu Tara Volcano Expedition
(expedition to currently active Batu Tara volcano, Indonesia)
8 days / 7 nights - Easy
2890 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present

Merapi Volcano Tour - Eruption Special!
East Java, Indonesia: Bromo Volcano Special
(expedition to see Bromo's ongoing eruption)
3-5 days - Easy-Moderate
Custom and group dates

Raung Volcano Special
East Java (Indonesia): Raung Volcano Special
(Volcano expedition to Raung volcano, East Java)
6 days / 5 nights - Moderate-Challenging
1560 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present


Etna volcano special - custom tour with private guide on Etna to observe volcanic activity
Etna volcano: Etna Volcano Special
(volcano expedition to see Mt. Etna volcano' eruption)
5 days (4 nights) - Custom (variable)
on request
Custom and group dates


Volcano Special to Colima volcano, Mexico
(5 days expedition to observe and photograph Colima volcano, Mexico)
5 days / 4 nights - Easy
1750 €  ? 
Custom and group dates
on request on custom dates

(tour to see the ongoing eruption of Mexico's most active volcano)
6 days / 5 nights - Easy
1650 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present


Kamchatka (Russia): Shiveluch Volcano Special
(8-days expedition to see the ongoing eruption of Shiveluch volcano 16-24 Mar 2019)
9 days / 8 nights - Easy
2750 €  ? 
no scheduled dates at present


Kilauea Volcano Special - 4-6 days geologic tour to observe and understand Kilauea volcano on Hawai'i
Big Island, Hawaiʻi (USA): Kilauea Volcano Special
(volcano tour to watch the ongoing eruption of Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i)
5-7 days / 4-6 nights - Custom (variable)
$ 2950  ? 
Custom and group dates

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