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Dream Come True: World Volcano Tour
4-week round-the-world trip to Hawaii - Vanuatu - New Zealand - Indonesia
Yasur volcano
Yasur volcano
Traditional canoe on Tanna Island (Vanuatu)
Traditional canoe on Tanna Island (Vanuatu)

Dream Come True - World Volcano Tour

4-week round-the-world trip to Hawaii - Vanuatu - New Zealand - Indonesia
Tour type
Volcano expedition: adventure - photography - active volcanoes
Group size: 5-10
25-28 days
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Who has not dreamt of traveling around the world? Volcano Discovery makes this dream come true. Accompanied by one or several experts in each location, you'll embark on an "ever westward journey" to explore some of the most exciting volcanoes of the planet.
Next tour planned: Nov 2022
The exact itinerary is slightly different each time, but usually includes Colima volcano in Mexico, Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes on Hawaii, Yasur on Vanuatu, White Island and Rotorua in New Zealand, and ends with a volcano adventure in Indonesia, typically an extended visit on Krakatau, the volcano that changed the world.
Prepare to embrace an exciting mix of colors and tastes as well as cultures and customs as different as can be. You'll see active volcanoes; wander through the most spectacular of all known lava tubes; hike through desert and moonscapes to hellish sulfur lakes, geysers, fumaroles and bizarre geologic formations; and be treated to Yasur's nightly fireworks. By contrast, you'll also enjoy the sound and smells of rainforests, gentle coral beaches and tropical breezes beneath coconut palm trees.
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  • Visit many of the world's most spectacular volcanoes on one tour
  • Westward travel and good connections on excellent airlines (Star Alliance network) throughout the tour to minimize jet lag and travel fatigue.
  • 3 full days for in-depth exploration on each of the principal volcanoes: Colima (Mexico), Kilauea (Hawai'i), Krakatau, Yasur (Vanuatu), Rotoroa & Taupo volcanic zone (NZ)
  • Highlights without rushing: good balance (very important!) between activities, transfers, flights and time to unwind
  • Enchanting mix of cultures, colors and tastes
  • Fantastic beaches, rainforests and spectacular landscapes as well as some exciting city culture
  • Exotic "kastom" culture on Vanuatu and the spectacular fireworks of Yasur volcano
  • White Island volcano
  • Good chances of dolphin & whale watching
  • Opportunities for scenic charter flights (e.g. Kilauea, Ruapehu, White Island)
  • Sanur Beach on Bali
  • The surreal landscape of Bromo volcano in the Tengger caldera and Semeru
  • Ijen volcano's turquoise acid lake and the sulphur mining
  • Krakatau expedition and eruption viewing in a Robinson Crusoe setting
  • Small group size
  • Charming accommodation in selected hotels
  • Delicious and varied local cuisine
  • Accompanying volcano experts from our team

(Itinerary C; Nov 2021) Round-The-World 28 days: Mexico-Hawaii-Vanuatu-NZ-Krakatau

This itinerary starts with an expedition to North America's most active volcano, Colima in Mexico (identical to our Colima Special), and then follows the itinerary A above with slight variations according to available flight schedules in Nov 2020. It ends with a 4-days expedition to Krakatau volcano.
Only a rough outline is given here:
Day 1-5: Colima Vulkan (Mexico)
3 Nov (Start of tour): flight from your home to Mexico City (MEX); meeting of group and night in comfortable airport hotel
4 Nov: morning flight to Colima, transfer to Colima volcano
4-7 Nov: 3 nights in bungalows or simple huts
7 Nov: flight to Mexico City, comfortable hotel in city center near Cathedral, time for sightseeing etc
Day 6-10: Hawaii (Kilauea volcano)
8 Nov: transfer day: flight Mexico - LAX - Hilo (Hawaii)
8-13 Nov: 5 nights in Hilo / 4 full days to explore Kilauea volcano and the most interesting volcanic features.
Day 11-12: Flight Hawaii - NZ
Flight Hilo-Honolulu-Auckland (arrival in the evening one day later due to time line crossing).
Day 13-17: 15-20 Nov: Vanuatu / Tanna / Yasur volcano
15 Nov: flight AKL 13:05 -> 14:20 VLI
16 Nov: morning flight to Tanna, transfer to Yasur
16-19 Nov: 3 nights in bungalow near volcano
19 Nov: transfer to west coast, night in luxurious sea side lodge
20 Nov: early flight back to Port Vila, connection to flight back to Auckland
Day 18-22: 20-25 Nov: New Zealand - Rotorua and White Island volcanoes
20-21 Nov: night in Auckland (B, L, D)
21-23 Nov: 2 nights in Rotorua (B, D)
23 Nov evening: transfer to Whakatane on the coast facing White Island
24 Nov: optional helicopter or boat excursion to White Island
Return to Auckland in afternoon, dinner in Skytower restaurant, transfer to airport for night flight to Singapore (leaving 01:15 on 25 Nov)
Day 23-27: 25-30 Nov: Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)
25 Nov: morning arrival in Jakarta airport. Transfer to west coast, night in bungalow (B, L, D)
26 Nov: sail to Krakatau, camp (B, L, D)
26-28 Nov: 2 full days on Krakatau, camp (B, L, D)
29 Nov: return to Java, lunch and transfer back to Jakarta airport (arrival in late afternoon)
Evening flight back to your home (B, L, D)

If another volcano is particularly active while Krakatau is not, the program for this part can be changed to go and visit that volcano instead.

30 Nov: arrival in Europe etc (B)
Day 28: Arrival in Europe / N America, connecting flight back home

(Itinerary A, 25 days): Hawaii-Vanuatu-NZ-Indonesia

Due to the modular character of the itinerary, it is sometimes possible to take part in only certain sections of the itinerary, e.g. Mexico, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Krakatau. Please inquire if you are interested.
Important note: the itinerary has indicative character only. On each date, it is adapted and optimized according to available flight schedules in order to minimize time spent on transfers. Unpredictable weather and other conditions also might cause changes become necessary.
Day 1: Flight Europe / America -> Hawaii, Waikiki Beach
The first leg around the world brings you to Honolulu, Hawai'i, where you can take a bus or taxi to your hotel on legendary Waikiki beach.
Note: If your flight connection does not require an overnight on this day, you can alternatively start the tour directly in Hilo on Big Island, Hawaii.
Day 2: Honolulu - Hilo (Big Island) - Kilauea volcano
At around lunchtime flight to Hilo - meeting with your volcanologist guide & first encouter with active Kilauea volcano. Lava viewing if conditions permit and introduction to Hawai'i's volcanism.
Day 3-4: 2 full days to explore Kilauea volcano
Two full days to spend on and around Kilauea: lava viewing excursions by land and sea, exploring features of the rift zones, the active craters and lava lake(s) of Kilauea volcano, options to take helicopter or boat tours to see lava flowing into the sea.
Day 5-6: Kona beaches - overnight flight to Auckland (New Zealand)
Today, we'll circle half of Big Island along a scenic route, passing the rift zone of Mauna Loa volcano and visit a gorgeous black sand beach where giant Green Sea Turtles are resting. We'll have the afternoon free to visit the sacred Hawai'ian sanctuary Pu'ukohola Heiau or / and one or two of Hawai'is most beautiful beaches on the dry and sunny Kona side. In the evening, after a dinner on the sea front of Kona, we go to the airport and fly to New Zealand via Honolulu. (arrival two days later as we cross the date line).
Day 7: Arrival in New Zealand and flight to Vanuatu
Early arrival in New Zealand, and connection to Port Vila (Vanuatu). Afternoon and evening to relax.
Day 8: Flight to Tanna - Transfer to Yasur volcano
In the morning, we fly to Tanna island. A 4WD pick-up brings us accross the island to a simple, but charming guesthouse directly at the feet of Mt. Yasur volcano. After lunch, we drive and hike to Yasur volcano to enjoy its spectacular volcanic activity from close, as long as we wish...
Day 9: Day-trip to Port Resolution beach & Yasur volcano
Relaxing day-trip to Port Resolution combined with a magnificent lunch on one of the world's most beautiful beaches... Visit of Yasur volcano for sunrise/sunset.
Day 10-11: Yasur volcano & John Frum kastom village (spare days)
2 extra days we can dedicate to the extraordinary volcano of Yasur. We could take a short excursion to the "kastom" village of John Frum at the feet of the volcano. Traditional ways of living and customs are still alive and the inhabitants follow a particular religious belief centered around the half-mythical John Frum (probably = "John from America")...
Day 12: Flight back to Port Vila and free day
After the last opportunity to visit Yasur in the early morning, we fly back to Port Vila at around noon. The rest of the day is free.
Day 13: Flight back to New Zealand
In the morning we fly back to Auckland, where we will stay overnight. If the flight back to Auckland is early enough, we can instead leave directly to the charming town of Whakatane on the coast of the Bay of Plenty, facing White Island volcano.
Day 14: White Island by boat + walk on the volcano - Rotorua - Hangi dinner in Roturoa
Boat trip to White Island Volcano and walk on the active volcanic island. Opportunity to view dolphins and whales as well as spectacular bird life.
In the afternoon, we drive to Rotorua where we assist the traditional official Maori welcoming ceremony followed by a delicious Hangi dinner.
Day 15: Rotorua and its hydrothermal sites - Tarawera volcano
Full day around Rotorua with its numerous, colorful hydrothermal sites, mud pools, geysers. Opportunity to take scenic charter flights (not included).
In the afternoon, an optional guided hike to the spectacular summit craters of Tarawera volcano is offered.
Day 16: Wai-O-Tapu - hot springs - Taupo caldera - Huka Falls - Mt Ruapehu
Visit the spectacular Wai-O-Tapu hydrothermal area in the morning and a natural hot spring where we can take a warm bath... We then leave the Rotorua area and drive to the immense Taupo caldera. Excursion to the spectacular Huka waterfalls. In the afternoon, continue to the Tongariro National Park.
Day 17: Tongariro crossing (optional) / day for other activities in the area
For those who like a challenging hike, the Tongariro Crossing is one of the best hikes in the world! We will organize permits and the required specialised tour guide on request. Otherwise, the area is full of volcanic and natural attractions and alternative options include scenic charter overflights over the area with its volcanoes (Ruapehu, White Island, etc).
Day 18: Ruapehu volcano - evening transfer to Auckland and overnight flight to Jakarta
Additional excursions to the Taupo caldera (e.g. to a viewpoint of Ruapehu volcano) and transfer in the afternoon to Auckland. After dinner, transfer to the airport and overnight flight to Jakarta.
Day 19: Arrival in Jakarta - flight to Surabaya - Bromo caldera
Arrival in Jakarta and connecting flight to Surabaya. Transfer to the spectacular Tengger caldera with Bromo volcano.
Day 20: Bromo volcano & Tengger caldera
Relaxed day to explore Bromo volcano and the Tengger caldera. Visit of the local volcano observatory and introduction to monitoring techniques of the volcano.
Day 21: Sunrise over the Tengger Kaldera & Transfer to Ijen volcano
Early start & jeep drive to one of the world's most spectacular sunrise viewpoints over the huge Tengger caldera. After returning to the hotel and a breakfast, we leave to the beautiful Ijen Plateau where we will stay two nights in an amazing lodge in the middle of lush gardens and rice fields, with views to Raung and Ijen volcano.
Day 22: Ijen volcano
Early start to climb Ijen volcano's crater with its impressive sulfur deposits and the turquoise crater lake. Observe the medieval-style mining operations inside the crater and learn about the processing of sulfur. Return to relax in the Ijen Lodge in the afternoon.
Day 23: Transfer to Bali - beach
After a relaxed breakfast in the stunning surroundings of the lodge, we drive to Bali, where the trip ends in a hotel on the beach of Jimbaran.
Day 24: Flight back home or own extension program on Bali
If you don't opt for taking part in the Krakatau expedition, your round the world journey ends here and you fly back To Europe / N America from Bali. Depending on your flight time, you probably have most of the day to enjoy the beach before we bring you to the airport in time for your flight.
Alternatively, you could spend a few more days in Bali or other parts of Indonesia as an own extension. On request, we can offer various programs (e.g. Lombok, Bali sightseing etc.)
Day 25: Arrival in Europe / N America, connecting flight back home

Itinerary B, 29 days: Hawaii-Vanuatu-NZ-Java-Krakatau

In this longer version, a 4-days expedition to Krakatau is added at the end of the itinerary A above. If Krakatau is not erupting at the time, we can use the time to see another volcano in Indonesia which is erupting.
Day 1-23: same as day 1-23 above
Day 24: Flight to Jakarta - transfer to the West coast
We take a morning flight to Jakarta, where a minibus picks us up and brings us straight to the West Coast. On the way, we see the remains of the old lighthouse of Anyer swept away by the 1883 tsunami and visit the Krakatau volcano observatory. The afternoon and evening are for you to relax on the beach, or to assist your guide in the final preparation for the expedition to the island (shopping for fresh food on the local market etc.).
Day 25: Sail to Krakatau volcano
Boat trip to Krakatoa, camp on beach on Anak Krakatoa or neighboring island, climb Anak Kraktau (if conditions allowing).
Day 26-27: 2 full days/nights at Krakatau
Two full days and nights to explore the islands and volcanic activity of Anak Krakatau
Day 28: Return to West Coast - transfer to Jakarta - flight back to Europe (& America)
In the morning, we break camp and return to the west coast. After lunch we return to Jakarta in time for the flight back home (arrival in Europe next morning) (connection to America or stopover in Europe).
Day 29: Arrival in Europe / N America, connecting flight back home
Dates and details
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Arrival info:

As a round-the-world flight ticket is included, you can start this tour from almost any major airport in Europe, Asia and North America.

Important note

Early booking is essential for this tour: you should sign up at least 6 months in advance. This is normally also the date by which we need to decide whether the tour can run or not. Signing up later than 6 months in advance might still be possible in some cases on request (depending on availability of flights etc).
As soon as we reconfirm the tour, we will ask you for a second deposit to total 5000 EUR with a smaller first deposit at the time of signing up, because we need to pay flights at this stage.

Tour guide

The group tours at scheduled dates (and private tours at custom date on request) will be accompanied by different expert guides and volcanologists on each location (Hawaii, Vanuatu & NZ, Indonesia). On request, the whole itinerary could be accompanied by a volcanologist from our team.

Additional info

Physical requirements

The excursions on this trip are all easy to medium (up to ca. 500 m climbing / descending, 5 km length) and everyone in reasonable fitness should have no problems. The (optional) Tongariro Crossing is a more challenging, but very rewarding hike, taking 7-8 hours covering a distance of 17 km one way.

Sources: VolcanoDiscovery / VolcanoAdventures and other sources as noted.
Use of material: Most text and images on our websites are owned by us. Re-use is generally not permitted without authorization. Contact us for licensing rights.
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