Eruption and Volcano Specials: Tours to erupting volcanoes

Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
Lava flow eruption (Stromboli, March 2007)
We sometimes organize expeditions to active volcanoes or current eruptions outside our regular program on often short notice.
This gives you the best possible chance to witness a volcanic eruption with competent company and guidance, but you should be prepared to adventurous and improvised conditions and logistics. Due to the nature of such trips, we often cannot provide very detailed information on exact itinerary etc.
If you are up to a true volcano adventure, this is for you!

Generally, participants need to be quick to pack their backpacks, and arrange their arrival to the destination themselves (although we can assist you with finding your flight).
The program for these tours is very simple and almost entirely a function of the conditions on location and what is possible and safe: to spend several days in the area, visiting and searching for the best viewpoints to observe the eruption and its effects. We provide accommodation, transfers and the local know-how to find the best spots - and stay safe.
You find below a list of currently available Eruption Special tours - please note that this list is often updated, so come and visit this page regularly. If you like to be informed whenever we announce such a short-notice special trip, please let us know via email.

DatumsPrijs p.p.TourMoeilijkheidsgraad
NovExpedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano17-21 Nov 2019 (2 nights on Krakatau)1450 €  ? Krakatau volcano (Indonesia)(Vulkaan expeditie: fotografie - avontuur)
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(tour to see the ongoing eruption of Mexico's most active volcano)
Duur: 6 days / 5 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: fotografie - actieve vulkanen Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 1650 €  ? 
geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment
Due to the elevated activity of Popocatépetl volcano in spring 2019, we offer a Volcano Special from 15-20 April:
We have rented a house near the charming town of Amecameca, about 12 km NW from the summit. Already with good views from this place, we will use it for the 5 days / nights as our base for various excursions to set up photography camps at the best available viewpoints.
There is no fixed day-to-day schedule,- this will be decided upon on location.
The tour is for you if you're interested in volcano photography and have a lot of patience as intervals between events are typically several hours to even days! ...meer info

Siau Island (Indonesia): Karangetang Volcano Special
(expedition to see the ongoing eruption of Karangetang volcano)
Duur: 7 days / 6 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - fotografie - avontuur Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 1390 €  ? 
geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment
A very interesting eruption is in progress at the remote volcano: since lat Nov 2018, a lava flow has been advancing slowly form the northern crater and has now reached the coast.
If you're ready to pack and leave on short notice, this adventurous tour might be for you, offering the best chance to see the eruption from close and with our most experienced expedition organizer in Indonesia. ...meer info

(14 days volcano tour to erupting Dukono and Ibu volcanoes in Halmahera)
Volcano Special: expedition to Ibu, Dukono, Lokon
Duur: 14 days / 13 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - natuur - fotografie Moeilijkheidsgraad Matige
Prijs p.p.: 3190 €  ? 
geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment
This tour gives you the chance to see some of Indonesia's most active, but rarely visited volcanoes from close: In particular, Ibu and Dukono volcanoes have been in constant, often spectacular activity for years. A visit of frequently active Lokon volcano near Manado rounds out the tour.
If you are into volcano photography or filming, and don't mind the physical challenge (up to 5-6 hrs on steep trail to reach Ibu), this tour is an adventure you will never forget! On Ibu and Dukono, we camp multiple nights in order to maximize observation time and chances to see spectacular eruptions in good weather.
Furthermore, this part of Indonesia is among the least crowded and least visited. The people of Halmahera are very friendly and welcoming to foreigners. As always on our small group tours in Indonesia, it is an occasion to fully immerse into the colorful local culture. ...meer info

Sumatra (Indonesië): Sinabung Volcano Special
(5 days volcano expedition to Sinabung volcano, Sumatra)
Sinabung Volcano Special
Duur: 5 days / 4 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: fotografie - geologie - avontuur Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 1490 €  ? 
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Sinabung volcano on Sumatra has been in eruption since late 2013 and been regularly producing spectacular pyroclastic flows, as viscous lava continues to accumulate as a lava dome and regularly collapses.
Sinabung's eruption is also a text-book example of an erupting subduction zone volcano causing an ongoing crisis, which local people and authorities have learned to live with on a daily basis.
There is no fixed itinerary - we will move around the volcano as a function of weather, activity, the group's main interests and other factors. This tour is mainly intended for those eager to watch, learn about, photograph or film an active volcano, the processes behind, its monitoring and its impacts on human and nature. ...meer info

Big Island, Hawaiʻi: Kilauea Volcano Special
(volcano tour to watch the ongoing eruption of Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i)
Kilauea Volcano Special - 4-6 days geologic tour to observe and understand Kilauea volcano on Hawai'i
Duur: 5-7 days / 4-6 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - geologie Moeilijkheidsgraad Aangepaste (variabele)
Prijs p.p.: $ 2950  ? 
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NOTICE: Since 4 May 2018 Kilauea started a new eruption in the East Rift Zone which is still ongoing but off-limits to visitors. Simultaneous crater collapse and explosions at the volcano's summit have resulted in the closure of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We can therefore not offer any Kilauea expeditions at this moment, and it is impossible to predict many months in advance when we will be able to again organise tours on Kilauea.
But we are monitoring the situation closely and as soon as visiting conditions are reasonable, we plan to resume our tours. If you are interested in this Kilauea adventure, you can always send us a message by filling in the request form, or contact us directly through!
(Updated 9 June 2018)

The primary purpose of this expedition is to enable a small group to spend several days on and near the active volcano of Kilauea, Hawaii, to observe volcanic activity and study volcanic/ geologic features: active lava lakes and lava flows. We will spend several full days to approach the active areas repeatedly by land, sea and from the air, depending on circumstances.

The best times will usually be in the afternoons/evenings, at night and early mornings (best light for photography), while we have the mid-days to relax, perhaps go for a swim etc. Options to get close to lava include on foot (longer hikes required), by sea (if lava enters the ocean, we can charter a boat conditions allowing) and by air (helicopter flights).
This Volcano Special tour is aimed at people who are looking to photograph or film, learn about or simply enjoy witnessing a spectacular volcanic eruption from close. ...meer info

Krakatau volcano (Indonesia): Krakatau Volcano Special
(expedition to study & observe Anak Krakatau volcano and its activity)
Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano
Duur: 3 -7 days Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: fotografie - avontuur Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: see details
Aangepaste en groep datums
when erupting
17-21 Nov 2019
NEW expedition 17-21 Nov 2019 - 2 nights on Krakatau!
This is your chance to get to know one of the most famous volcanoes with an expert and witness the dramatic changes from the Dec 2018 collapse.

During this physically easy expedition, you have the unique opportunity to experience one of the world's most beautiful and powerful volcanoes. The exact itinerary varies from tour date to tour date, but we usually spend between 2 and 4 full days and nights on and around the volcanic islands of Krakatau. Depending on the intensity of Anak Krakatau's activity we either camp on the beach of the active volcano itself or make our camp on one of the surrounding islands. Watching Krakatau's fireworks when it is active is truly spectacular and we will do so from various viewpoints both on Anak Krakatau itself and the neighboring islands, using the chartered boat we have at our disposal.

Even when there is no eruption, the active volcano of Anak Krakatau with itslunar landscapes, fumaroles and frozen lava flows, and the surrounding islands' spectacular pumice cliffs on what remains of the island complex destroyed in 1883, is well worth exploring. Your expedition leader and tour guide Andi has been closely watching this volcano's activity and changes over the past 15 years and will happily share his geological knowledge with you!

Hot springs and beautiful coral reefs and other natural highlights of this unique bioreserve make this a perfect trip if you like a volcano extension out from Jakarta. The tasty camping food with fresh fish and overall excellent organization by our experienced local crew round up this trip into an unforgettable travel adventure. ...meer info

(5 days expedition to observe and photograph Colima volcano, Mexico)
Volcano Special to Colima volcano, Mexico
Duur: 5 dagen / 4 nachten Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - fotografie - geologie Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 1750 €  ? 
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on request on custom dates
Colima is op dit moment in een bijzonder actieve status. Een nieuwe lavakoepel is begonnen om te groeien in begin juli 2015 en produceert al intermitterende spectaculaire explosies met hoog as rookpluimen, pyroclastische stromen en gloeilamp Ejecties, en gloeiende afstortingen.
Deze expeditie nodigt u uit om samen met ons om te zien hoe de vulkaan gedurende 4 volledige dagen vanuit verschillende gezichtspunten dag en nacht, in een comfortabele omgeving - we zullen verblijven de hele tijd in de weelderige bosrijke omgeving op de hellingen van de vulkaan slechts ongeveer 7 km van de top met een prachtig uitzicht al van onze accommodatie.
Inzicht in de geologische en volcanological processen, stemverklaringen ontsluitingen en vulkanische eiland, maar ook tips voor vulkaan fotografie worden geleverd door de begeleidende vulkanoloog (Tom Pfeiffer). ...meer info

Etna volcano: Etna Volcano Special
(4/5-dagen vulkaan expeditie naar Mt. Etna vulkaan, Italië)
Etna volcano special - custom tour with private guide on Etna to observe volcanic activity
Duur: 4-5 days Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - fotografie Moeilijkheidsgraad Aangepaste (variabele)
Prijs p.p.: on request
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Als u wilt leren kennen van Europa's grootste en meest actieve vulkaan in de diepte en de kans hebben om getuige live een uitbarsting van dichtbij, bieden wij u privé begeleide tours excludively gericht op de Etna.
Rondleidingen zijn georganiseerd op aanvraag, op (bijna) elke datum (ook op korte termijn) voor elke groep van 1-8 personen. Wij besteden van 3-4 nachten in een comfortabel hotel recht omhoog op de helling van de vulkaan en verbinden zich ertoe de meest lonende excursies strikt als een functie van uitbarsting weersomstandigheden.
Vergezeld door een ervaren VolcanoDiscovery geoloog / vulkanoloog van ons team en gecertificeerde berggidsen, deze tour is met name geschikt als u van plan bent om te fotograferen, videoband of anders document op Etna van vulkanische activiteit. ...meer info

(expedities naar actieve vulkanen)
Expedition to active Anak Krakatau volcano
Duur: 5-10 dagen Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: fotografie - avontuur Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: see details (Batu Tara: 1950 EUR)
geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment
Volgende reis: Batu Tara 22-29 november Batu Tara in de Kleine Soenda-eilanden, Indonesië, is een van de weinige vulkanen ter wereld met aanhoudende Stromboli activiteit en in feite lijkt op Stromboli in Italië veel. De vulkaan heeft dagelijks spectaculaire vuurwerk, en vaak produceert as pluimen gedetecteerd op satellietbeelden. Soms organiseren expedities naar actieve vulkanen of de huidige uitbarstingen buiten onze reguliere programma op vaak korte termijn. Dit geeft u de best mogelijke kans om een ​​vulkaanuitbarsting met de bevoegde bedrijfs-en begeleiding getuige, maar je moet bereid zijn om avontuurlijk en geïmproviseerde omstandigheden en logistiek. Vanwege de aard van deze reizen, kunnen we vaak niet zorgen voor een zeer gedetailleerde informatie over de exacte route, etc. Als u tot een echte vulkaan avontuur, dan is dit voor jou! ...meer info

Kamchatka (Russia): Shiveluch Volcano Special
(8-days expedition to see the ongoing eruption of Shiveluch volcano 16-24 Mar 2019)
Duur: 9 days / 8 nights Soort reis:Vulkaan expeditie: actieve vulkanen - fotografie - avontuur Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemakkelijk
Prijs p.p.: 2750 €  ? 
geen geplande datums, gegevens op dit moment
If the eruption of Shiveluch continues, we plan an expedition for max 6 participants to observe it during 16-24 Mar 2019. Deadline to sign up is Sat, 24 Feb 2019.
The group will be accompanied by part of our team and is organized in cooperation with the local volcano observatory.
Note: There will be little to no physical difficulty, but you will need to be prepared for severe WINTER conditions (temperatures down to -20 deg C) - you will need proper winter clothing for arctic conditions. ...meer info
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