Support Ukraine - how you can donate for humanitarian help

Horrible scenes are happening in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine and in less than two weeks, we now have the largest refugee crisis Europe has seen since WW2. As cities and civilian infrastructure all over the country are being targeted indiscriminately, innocent people increasingly become victims with unnecessary loss of life.
Through our tours in far-east Russia as well as Russian clients on our tours, we got to know and love a very different Russia - the Russia represented by ordinary people, a Russia of culture, hospitality, passion, wit and spirit. This is all the more reason we are grieving.
We also believe and hope that one of the best effects and purposes of traveling is to bring people together, meet different cultures and languages all over the world, and a small contribution to make people become friends rather than enemies. This is one of our motivations to continue to work, to continue to offer you tours to volcanoes. We also donated 1000 EUR to the Ukraine Red Cross, and as the season of tours is about to start (spring tours in Greece and Italy, later Iceland etc), we will top this up with 50 EUR from every guest on our tours in 2022.

How can I help?

As to the war in Ukraine, many of us might feel helpless, but we believe everyone can do something to help people in need. Our partners of the specialty insurance Battleface compiled a useful list of non-profit organizations that actively provide humanitarian help in Ukraine, and which you in turn can help by donations. We present a selection from the Battleface list here as well:

United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine is a non-profit focused on helping those on the frontlines of the war, including the families of wounded and fallen soldiers as well as those displaced from their homes. The organisation is 100 per cent volunteer based and operates at less than one per cent admin costs.

Nova Ukraine

US-based non-profit Nova Ukraine provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals within Ukraine, ranging from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies.

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is a fundraiser which equips frontline doctors and paramedics in Ukraine with first-aid backpacks containing a variety of medical supplies including bandages, anti-haemorrhagic medicine, medical instruments, and the means for survival in extreme conditions. Each backpack has the potential to save ten lives.


MOAS is an international humanitarian organisation founded in 2013 dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and services to the most vulnerable people around the world. At the moment, they are bringing medical relief and first response services to civilians affected by the escalating violence in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross provides humanitarian aid and medical assistance to the people of Ukraine and currently has volunteers stationed around the country who are ready to assist those affected by the conflict.

Hope for Ukraine

Hope for Ukraine serves individuals and families of the poorest communities in Ukraine, including providing support and rehabilitation for wounded soldiers. The organisation is dedicated to improving the lives of children in poverty by providing basic necessities, benefits and services and programmes that support long-term development.
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