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Krakatau Volcano Special

- expedition to study & observe Anak Krakatau volcano and its activity -

"Hi Tom, Thank you for the great trip, it was amazing!" (Iris K., Finland - Krakatau special July 09)
Anak Krakatau in eruption in Nov 2007
Anak Krakatau in eruption in Nov 2007
New activity in the summit crater is building a lava dome (March 2012)
New activity in the summit crater is building a lava dome (March 2012)
Eruption of Anak Krakatau in July 2009
Eruption of Anak Krakatau in July 2009
Vulcanian explosion (July 2009)
Vulcanian explosion (July 2009)
Powerful vulcanian explosion observed from Rakatau (July 2009)
Powerful vulcanian explosion observed from Rakatau (July 2009)
Ash plume from a vulcanian explosion observed from the boat (July 2009)
Ash plume from a vulcanian explosion observed from the boat (July 2009)
NEW expedition: 12-14 July 2018!
This is your chance to get to know one of the world's most famous volcanoes with an expert!

During this physically EASY expedition, you have the unique chance to experience one of the world's most beautiful and powerful volcanoes. Depending on which date, we spend 2-4 full days and nights on and around Krakatau volcano and stay in in a beautiful camp on one of the islands.
Watching Krakatau's fireworks when it is active is truly spectacular and we can go to various viewpoints on Anak Krakatau and neighboring islands as well from a chartered boat at our disposal.
Even when there is no eruption, the crater of Krakatau and its lunar surroundings, its fumaroles, the frozen lava flows, spectacular pumice cliffs of what remains of the island complex destroyed in 1883, hot springs, coral reefs and many other highlights make this a perfect trip if you like a volcano extension out from Jakarta.
Krakatau's fantastic exotic setting combined with the luxury of pleasant baths, beaches, fresh seafood and excellent organization from our experienced local crew round out the trip.
  • 2-5 días completos en Krakatoa para observación extendida desde tierra y mar
  • Fantástica opción exótica
  • Apoyo logístico competente
  • El contacto con vulcanólogo local,
  • Gran valor (playa tropical), alimentos

Itinerary (4 nights / 5 days on Krakatau)

Note: the exact itinerary might vary according to weather and other conditions.
Día 1: Arrival in Jakarta
Own arrival in Jakarta, pick-up from airport and meeting in the evening.
A.: Hotel in Jakarta (D)
Día 2: Transfer to the West coast
Transfer to the West coast, preparation of the expedition.
A.: Hotel / bungalows at the beach (B, L, D)
Día 3-6: 4 nights / 5 days on Krakatau
5 full days in a camp on Anak Krakatau or one of the neighbour islands, to observe the (hopefully still ongoing) eruption.
A.: Camp on Krakatau (B, L, D)
Día 7: Return to West Coast - transfer to Jakarta - flight back to Europe (& America)
In the morning, we break camp and return to the west coast. After lunch we return to Jakarta in time for the flight back home (arrival in Europe next morning) (connection to America or stopover in Europe).
A.: in flight (B, L, D)

Llegada info:

Own arrival to Jakarta. Good airlines to choose from include Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, KLM, Emirates, Quatar, Ethiad, Thai and others.

Tour code: IND_KRS
Tipo de viaje: Expedición volcán: fotografía - adventure
Dificultad: Fácil
Group size: 2-6
Duración: 7 days


Fechas personalizadas y en grupos
when erupting (unknown!)
12-14 jul 2018

Precio (pp): from 790 EUR p.P.


  • Alojamiento
  • Transferencias
  • Alquiler de barco para el tiempo en Krakatau
  • Material de camping
  • Incluido Pensión completa. agua potable
  • Manos de ayuda para el barco y campamento
  • Indonesian VolcanoDiscovery guide

Tour guide:

The tour will be accompanied / guided on location by one of our professional local guides in Indonesia, typically Andi or Galih. They have extensive knowledge not only about the volcanoes, but also about their country and culture.
Our guides all speak English and Indonesian, some also French.
Andi Rosadi, our famous head expedition leader in Indonesia
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