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Pearl of the Aegean

- 8 days walking and study tour on Santorini, Greece -

...We'd like to say a big thank-you to you all for being such excellent companions during our stay on such a wonderful island. Also a special thank-you to Tobias for being such a understanding and helpful guide for a really wonderful week. A. Frazer, October 2010
The spring at Plaka (c)Tobias Schorr
The spring at Plaka (c)Tobias Schorr
Chapel at Ia (c)Tobias Schorr
Chapel at Ia (c)Tobias Schorr
The red beach (c)Tobias Schorr
The red beach (c)Tobias Schorr
The bay of Nea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
The bay of Nea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
View ofer Nea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
View ofer Nea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
View to Palea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
View to Palea Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
Thermal bay (c)Tobias Schorr
Thermal bay (c)Tobias Schorr
Arrival at Palia Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
Arrival at Palia Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
Crater lake on Palia Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
Crater lake on Palia Kameni (c)Tobias Schorr
Orchid (c)Tobias Schorr
Orchid (c)Tobias Schorr
Spring flowers (c)Tobias Schorr
Spring flowers (c)Tobias Schorr
Santorini is one of the most well-known and beautiful islands not only of Greece, but the whole world. Despite its popularity, it still has many hidden treasures to discover.
On this relaxed walking tour, we lead you through its volcanically-shaped landscapes away from the beaten tracks. Normally guided by photographer Tobias Schorr, we have time to take photographs and notice the little details, such as minerals, rare animals and plants and prehistoric remains.
You will find time to meet local people and get to know true Greek hospitality - Tobias who has lived many years in Greece has many friends on the island and knows the country better than anyone.
As an enthusiastic geology and mineralogy fan, he also makes the tour a great introduction to Santorini's fascinating geologic history and its connection to Ancient (Minoan) and modern culture and history.
  • Nature (many rare kinds of plants & animals)
  • In spring time: Rare orchids!
  • Archaeological sites
  • Volcanological sites
  • Rare minerals
  • Beautiful villages
  • Contact with local people
  • Boat-trip to the active volcano island Nea Kameni and a visit of the active craters

8 days itinerary Santorini

J 1: Arrival on Santorini
Arrival at Santorini airport and transfer to our hotel Anemomilos in Ia village or to one of our partner hotels in Acrotiri village. Group dinner in the evening.
H: Nice family run hotel in the most beautiful village of Santorini - Ia. Alternative hotel in Acrotiri village near the excavations.
J 2: Caldera walking
Spectacular walk along the caldera from Fira to Oia. On this tour you have great opportunities for taking photographs. Also you will get a first introduction to the geology of the island.
H: Hotel in Ia or Acrotiri
J 3: Visit of the castle of Emporio
Visit of the pittoresque village of Emporio
H: Acc: hotel in Ia or Acrotiri (breakfast, dinner)
J 4: The read beach & Acrotiri peninsula
Walking tour from the village Akrotiri to the red beach, along the coast and to the cape of Arotiri. Discover the oldest volcanics and - if you are lucky - of rare minerals!
H: hotel in Ia or Acrotiri
J 5: From Pirgos to Ancient Thira and Perissa beach
Tour to the ancient acropolis of Thira and down to the beach of Perisa or Kamari. You will start at the best time to have the ancient highlights in best light!
H: hotel in Ia or Acrotiri
J 6: Boat trip to the volcano islands
The most fascinating tour with a private charterd boat to the volcanic islands Nea & Palea Kameni in the centre of the Santorini caldera. We have time to explore the volcanic centres of the youngest Greek island. Also you will meet the only man who lives on Palea Kameni island.
H: hotel in Ia or Acrotiri
J 7: Free day
This day is reserved for relaxing, shopping, bathing or for optional common activities
H: Hotel in Ia or Akrotiri
J 8: Departure from Santorini
Transfer to the airport Santorini and departure
H: Hotel in Ia

Point de départ:

This tour starts and ends on Santorini.

Tour code:SAN_PAS
Thème: Randonnée et découverte: Nature et Culture - Géologie & Volcanisme - Archéologie
Durée: 8 days / 7 nights


16-23 mai 2020
19-26 sept. 2020
3-10 oct. 2020

Prix: 1480 €  ? 

Le prix comprend:

  • Accommodation in double room
  • Half-board
  • All transfers on Santorini
  • Entrance fees


The tour is normally guided either by German volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer or photographer Tobias Schorr. Both have been traveling on Santorini for more than 20 years and know the island better than even most local people and are well connected there.
Tom finished his PhD studies about the great Minoan eruption of Santorini. He made the important discovery of a 3600 year-old olive tree buried alive in the pumice deposit that now can be seen in the small geological museum in Perissa.
It allowed the so-far most precise dating of one of the most significant natural event in the Bronze age (to 1613+-13 years BC).
His friend Tobias, with whom Tom alternates on this tour, is a true specialist for Greece in general: its culture and history, people, flora, fauna and of course geology. He is legendary for his good eye and often discovering rare minerals, plants, animals, or hidden archeological artifacts during the various excursions.

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