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Geo Wonderland - Island of Milos
Private short tours on Milos to discover its fascinating geology and history
Volcanic colors of the coast (c) Tom Pfeiffer
Volcanic colors of the coast (c) Tom Pfeiffer
The pumice bridge (c) Tom Pfeiffer
The pumice bridge (c) Tom Pfeiffer

Geo Wonderland - Island of Milos

Private short tours on Milos to discover its fascinating geology and history
Excursions et voyages petits: Photographie - Géologie & Volcanisme - Archéologie
Groupe: 4-10
3-4 days (customizeable)
Départs sur commande possibles
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The Mediterranean island of Milos is one of the most beautiful and photogenic islands of Greece.
Known as the birthplace of Venus de Milo, one of the most famous Greek statues from the classical era, Milos is exceptionally rich in mineral deposits, boasting a particular scenic beauty that leaves visitors breathless. It also offers a great number of superb and uncrowded beaches, as well as spectacular coastal cliffs with multicolored volcanic rocks of all types on display. Luckily, its millennia-old history as an economic base in mining has prevented it from becoming a mass tourism destination. The island is ideal for both active and laidback holidays. You'll also be happy to know that traditional Greek hospitality is still very much alive here.

Geologically, Milos is a wonderland packed with picture-book volcanic features. Embark on a series of different excursions by land and sea to explore the faceted volcanic history of the island through its rocks, guided by a trained geologist. No previous knowledge of geology is required, and the excursions represent a vibrant mix of hiking, sailing, observation, and holidaymaking. Great local Aegean cuisine and good company round out this tour, which can also be combined with our study and walking tour on Santorini.
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  • Spectacularly varied scenery
  • Colorful volcanic deposits
  • Rich mining history (obsidian, perlite, kaolin, sulfur, manganese, baryte)
  • Prehistoric and Ancient Greek ruins
  • Active hydrothermal activity (fumaroles, etc.)
  • Private boat-trip around Milos
  • Delicious local cuisine
  • Competent geologist guide

3-day private tour on Milos - sample itinerary

Here's a suggested tour that reveals the best and most interesting sites of geological, natural and historical interest. It can be adapted according to weather, fitness level and personal preferences.
J 1: Meeting in Milos at the evening
Meet in a wonderful seaside tavern over dinner and plan the next days in detail.
J 2: La mine de soufre abandonnée - plage aux minéraux
Le matin: visite de l'ancienne mine de soufre sur la côte ouest au sein de paysages spectaculaires.
Transfert vers la plage paradisiaque de Paleochori, avec ses sources chaudes, ses fumerolles et ses roches colorées. Déjeuner dans un magnifique restaurant donnant sur la plage.
Après-midi: baignade et, si vous le désirez, deux heures de marche dans les environs.
Fin de journée: retour à Adamas pour la visite du très intéressant musée de la mine avant le dîner.
J 3: Walk over fossilized volcanic seafloor
Take a superb half-day excursion to the spectacular north coast to visit three key geological areas: Phylakopi, the ancient obsidian trade center of the island, the sea caves of Papafrankos and white cliffs of Sarakiniko. Picnic lunch and optional swim at Sarakiniko.

In the afternoon, visit the island's fascinating medieval capital, Plaka, along with its hilltop fortress, early-Christian catacombs, and ancient acropolis with its Greek theater where the famous statue of Venus de Milo was found. Optional scenic hike back to the hotel.
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Point de départ:

Depends on your arrival at Athens aiport. There are two possibilities how to get to Milos. You can get a direct flight to Milos airport or you can take a ferry boat from Piraeus harbour (about 4-7 h to Milos Island). It is possible to get earlier to Athens and to stay one or more nights there for sightseeing. A hotel room in Athens is about 80-120 € a double room.


The tour is normally guided either by German volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer or photographer and amateur geologist Tobias Schorr. Both have been traveling on the Greek volcanic areas (Methana, Milos, Santorini, Nisyros) for more than 20 years and know the islands better than even most local people do.
Tom completed his PhD studies on the topic of the great Minoan eruption of Santorini. He made the important discovery of a 3600-year-old olive tree buried alive in the pumice deposit that now can be seen in the small geological museum in Perissa.
This allowed the most precise dating of one of the most significant natural event in the Bronze age (to 1613+-13 years BC) so far.
His colleague Tobias, with whom Tom alternates on this tour, is a true specialist for Greece in general, boasting in-depth knowledge about its culture, history, people, flora, fauna and of course geology. He is known for his good eye and discoveries of rare minerals, plants, animals, or hidden archeological artifacts during the various excursions.
Tom and Tobias on Santorini

Infos complémentaires

Condition physique

This tour is recommended for those who are used to walking for about 3-6 hours with normal condition. If you are used to walking and hiking for up to several hours on moderately steep and uneven terrain, it should be no problem to take part in all of our excursions.
The tours include frequent and sometimes longer breaks and the pace of walking is very relaxed. However, individual tours (i.e. the total time spent outside the hotel, including all breaks and transfers etc.) can range between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the season (longer days in May!), the weather and the program.

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