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Witnessing a volcanic eruption is one of the most awe-inspiring displays in nature.On certain tours, we try to see lava and ash from close and safe distance. On Hawai'i, we can sometimes approach and even touch red lava!
These tours offer great chances to see volcanic activity from up-close:

Price p.p.
Tour character / Difficulty
Vanuatu (South Sea)
Volcanoes in the South Sea - Expedition to Vanuatu29 May - 12 Jun 2019
29 Sep - 13 Oct 2019
14-20 daysVolcanoes and Cultures - Adventures in the South Sea
(Volcano expedition: photography - active volcanoes - nature & culture)
3950 €  ? 
Expedition character: partly long, strenous hikes in rainforest & wet climate, spartanic improvised living conditions, very simple or no facilities
Danakil desert (Ethiopia)
Desert, salt and volcanoes - expedition to the Danakil desert and its volcanoes9-22 Feb 2019
2-15 Mar 2019
17-30 Nov 2019
14 days / 13 nightsDesert, salt and volcanoes
(Expedition: active volcanoes - photography - adventure)
$ 4530  ? 
Expedition character: long jeep transfers, some on bumpy 4x4 off road tracks, (extremely) hot temperatures in the desert, intense exposure to sun, salt, sand and dust, very basic sleeping and washing conditions outside established towns.
DR Congo + Rwanda
Nyiragongo's lava lake and the mountain gorillas: expedition15-22 Jun 2019
8 days / 7 nights Nyiragongo Lava Lake & Mountain Gorillas
(Volcano expedition: adventure - photography - wildlife)
$ 3950  ? 
Expedition character: ca. 500 km transfers in comfortable 4x4 safari vehicles, climb 1400 m to Nyiarogongo´s summit, camp 3 nights at 3400 m a.s.l. on top of Nyiragongo, hike across farmland and through rain forest to track gorillas.
Big Island, Hawaiʻi
Kilauea Volcano Special - 4-6 days geologic tour to observe and understand Kilauea volcano on Hawai'iCustom and group dates
27 Dec 18 - 2 Jan 2019
5-7 days / 4-6 nightsKilauea Volcano Special
(Volcano expedition: active volcanoes - geology & volcanism)
$ 2950  ? 
Hikes of varying difficulty to approach active lava if present - could range from 1-4 hours one way over uneven, but generally relatively easy barren lava terrain (no shade!) or through dense rainforest. Transfers by rental cars and minibus. Helicopter rides available as options.
Halmahera (Indonesia)
Volcano Special: expedition to Ibu, Dukono, Lokon no scheduled dates at present
14 days / 13 nightsVolcano Special: Ibu - Dukono - Lokon
(Volcano expedition: active volcanoes - nature & culture - photography)
3190 €  ? 
Very mixed character: Easy to challenging hikes (up to 4-6 hrs, up to approx. 1200 m climbing). transfers by plane, speed boats, minibuses, cars, trucks. Comfortable to spartan camping conditions, accommodation in local houses and hotels of varying standards.
N-Sulawesi + Halmahera (Indonesia)
Volcanoes of North Sulawesi - walking tour to discover Lokon, Mahawu and Soputan volcanoes14-30 Jun 2019
7-23 Jul 2019
13-29 Aug 2019
17 days / 16 nightsVolcanoes and Spices
(Trekking: active volcanoes - nature & culture - photography)
3960 €  ? 
Easy to challenging hikes (up to 4-6 hrs, up to approx. 1200 m climbing). transfers by plane, speed boats, minibuses, cars, trucks. Comfortable to spartan camping conditions, accommodation in local houses and hotels of varying standards.
Java (Indonesia)
From Krakatau to Bali tourCustom and group dates
2-17 May 2019
15-30 Jun 2019
8-23 Jul 2019
16 days / 15 nightsFrom Krakatau to Bali
(Photography tour: active volcanoes - nature & culture)
3690 €  ? 
Easy to moderate hikes and excursions, comfortable hotels and guesthouses, 1-2 nights in camps (on Krakatau)
Java (Indonesia)
Volcanoes of Java: 18 days trekking tour2-18 Jul 2019
13-29 Aug 2019
2-18 Sep 2019
17 days / 16 nightsVolcanoes of Java
(Trekking: active volcanoes - nature & culture)
2980 €  ? 
Easy to challenging hikes and trekking (up to 3 days), camping, simple guesthouses and comfortable hotels where available.
Sumatra (Indonesia)
Sinabung Volcano SpecialCustom and group dates

5 days / 4 nightsSinabung Volcano Special
(Volcano expedition: photography - geology & volcanism - adventure)
1490 €  ? 
Day- and night time observations of Sinabung's activity (safe viewpoints) and the affected areas around the volcano. Transfers by private car w/ driver, only short walks, no significant physical effort.
Eolian Islands (Sicily)
Climbs to Stromboli volcanoCustom and group dates
Any day between 15 Mar - 1 Nov
5-7 hours (afternoon / evening)Stromboli Trekking
(1-day tours: active volcanoes)
from 40 EUR p.p.
climb and descend 900 m (3000 ft); 5-7 hrs excursion in the afternoon.
Eolian Islands + Etna volcano (Italy)
Mountains of Fire - From Stromboli to Etna16-24 Apr 2019
4-12 May 2019
11-19 May 2019
9 days / 8 nights From Stromboli to Etna
(Walking & study tour: active volcanoes - geology & volcanism - nature & culture)
2580 €  ? 
Full day and half-day hikes (varying from easy to moderately challenging), boat trips, introduction into volcanology, excellent food, great accommodation, beautiful landscapes
Southern Italy
Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour: explore the active volcanic regions of Southern Italy11-25 Oct 2019
15 days (14 nights)Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour
(Walking & study tour: active volcanoes - nature & culture - archaeology)
3590 €  ? 
Hikes (varying from easy to moderate), boat trips and excursions, excellent accommodation and delicious food
Guatemala (Central America)
14-days study trip and expedition to the active volcanoes of Guatemala no scheduled dates at present
15 days / 14 nightsVolcanoes in the land of the Maya
(Walking & study tour: active volcanoes - geology & volcanism - adventure)
$ 3900  ? 
Medium hikes and excursions including two more challenging hikes (climbing to Santa Maria and Acatenango involves ca. 1200 m climbing to ca. 3600 m altitude, but on easy trails), boat excursions, lots of volcano viewing at night possible
Around-the-World: Hawai'i,Vanuatu, New Zealand, Indonesia
Who has not dreamt of travelling around the world? Volcano Discovery makes this dream come true. You'll follow a knowledgeable, enthusiastic volcanologist on an "ever westward journey" to explore some of the most exciting volcanoes of the planet.Custom and group dates
4 Nov - 1 Dec 2019
3-30 Nov 2020
25-28 daysA Dream Come True - World Volcano Tour
(Volcano expedition: adventure - photography - active volcanoes)
11500 €  ? 
Mix of easy to medium excursions by land and sea, mostly short hikes, expert guiding by a volcanologist and team members, good to excellent accommodation, adventurous camping on Krakatau, delicious local food.
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