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11-25 Oct 2019: Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour - Southern Italy
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Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour

- 15-days study & walking tour from Vesuvius to Etna -

Curious to know what our previous participants thought of this tour? Below we list just some of the many positive feedbacks we received over the past years!

"this is just magic" (Nicolas from France about his Stromboli tour)

Strong eruption from the NE crater
Strong eruption from the NE crater
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)

"Dear Tom,
I take advantage of this mail to state once again that this Stromboli discovery was great. You are used to but for newcomers, this is just magic.
Best regards - Nicolas
I saw that you have some customers testemony on your website: you may add this one if you want (and photo)
I wrote it in english (more international..)
"Thanks to VOLCANO DISCOVERY : we had a great Stromboli discovery, with my young kids.
Stromboli is just magic, erupting lava every 15 minutes or so, breaking the black night sky with fire: just great.
Going up with young kids is ok but needs some mental preparation and a good siesta before as the coming back is late night.
Last Congratulations to VOLCANO DISCOVERY: professional organisation and great spirit from managers that love volcanos and are not in just to tap money from tourists.
Best to all
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9) - written 2 august 2011" (Nicolas, France, Stromboli tour)

...something I have wanted to do for 45 years and finally got the chance...

"Hi Tom,
I have returned to Australia after 30 odd hours on the plane trail. I had to be back at work in 6 hours so I have only just had time to reflect and look at photos. Attached are 3 from Stromboli after our first ascent, the pictures from our second were interesting but less spectacular.
I give my best thanks to you and your team, Marco in particular for making it such a worthwhile and exciting time. It is something I have wanted to do for 45 years and finally got the chance.
Best regards,
Alan" (Stromboli to Etna trip)

...want to thank everyone for such a great trip.

Hello Volcano Discoverers,
Heather and I want to thank everyone for such a great trip. It was a great group pf people to travel with and I think we have new memories that will last a lifetime. ...
We hope our paths cross again in the future. Maybe on another volcano, who knows
Cheers, Salute, Prost, Skaal, Gesondheid,
Craig L. and Heather H. (Colorado, USA, Volcanoes of Italy tour)

"Rain or shine what an absolutely fantastic time!" Stromboli to Etna tour

"Hello Tom,
Your company name is so perfect! I was awed by the sights, information and experiences of our recent trip - layers and layers of discoveries about volcanoes (for certain) but so much more ... the different regions, the cuisine, the wonderful people.
My senses were definitely on high alert. Rain or shine what an absolutely fantastic time! I look forward to more Volcano Discoveries in the future. Have a "supa" trip to Ethiopia.
Warm regards, Eileen" (San Francisco)

"...perfect organisation..." (a feedback in Croatian)

"Dragi Tom,
jos uvijek pod nezaboravnim dojmovima od putovanja po Etni, Volcano i Stromboli,htjela bih da ti se zahvalim.Tvoje kompetentno i razumljivo vodenje po vulkanu,odlicno organizirano,srdacnost Tvoje i grupe za mene ostaje u lijepom sjecanju.
Taj dozivljaj erupcije vulkana Stromboli na vecer, pjesacenje po Etni,razgledavanje Lipara, sve me to animira za opet drugo putovanje sa "VolcanoDiscovery"
Danke,Hvala Tom,
uz pozdrav Marica iz Varazdina,Hrvatska" (Stromboli to Etna tour)

...thank you for the wonderful experience that we had... (Trekking Tour on Etna)

Dear Tom, we've just returned from Sicily and would like to thank you for the wonderful experience that we had. We had great weather and could descend into Etna's main crater. Your "variant 1" turned out to be the perfect challenge for our 9 year old daughter, although she found the craters and the fumes a bit scary. My wife and I rank this trip as one of our top 3 experiences so far!
Rosario was a perfect guide: he made us feel at ease and safe, provided just enough explanations without sounding like the stereotypical tourist guide and he was just 100% a pro.
Minor correction: the guides do have boots, backpacks and jackets that your customers can borrow.
I've enclosed a few pictures of us on Mt Etna.
Best regards Sven Jorissen"

" how much we enjoyed our trip to Sicily" (The Eolian Islands and Etna tour)

"Hello Tom and Tobias. We have been meaning to write to say how much we
enjoyed our trip to Sicily.
We'd particularly like you to know how very much we enjoyed the company of our guide. Of course life was a little easier for him with a group of just three people! But he went to great trouble to make sure that we were safe and comfortable and enjoyed all the trips we did with him. ... Thanks to you again, by the way, for allowing an 'uneconomic' trip to go ahead." (T. Mills, UK)

I would definitely recommend this to anyone (Stromboli trekking tour)

"...I climbed Sromboli as planned and had a really great time. The views were fantastic and the guides were very good.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Thank you." (Steve C., UK)

a wonderful excursion at the Etna

"Hi Tom,
I would like with this email to thank Volcano Discovery and the Team (Specially Rosario Basile) for a wonderful excursion at the Etna.
I took nice photos which I would like to share at the web page of Volcano Discovery. What shall I do?
Best Regards,
Gabriela Marcano"

"one of the most amazing experiences of my life"

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed the recent tour.
Marco was just brilliant and I can safely say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!
Adrian (Stromboli to Etna tour May 2010)

... about a trekking tour on Etna

"Hi Tom,
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to email you with feedback from the trip Janet smith and Michael bailey took in June with your guide Rosario to do the full traverse of Etna. It was fantastic and something we will never forget. It was a hard walk but very enjoyable and Rosario was fantastic, he is very knowledgeable, kind and friendly, we were like friends by the end of the walk. Please make sure that you feed back this to him...
Thank you for all your help and we would definitely recommend you to others
Kind Regards
Janet and Mick" (UK)

Feeback from a private group tour on Etna

Group on 15 Nov 2009
Group on 15 Nov 2009

"Dear Tom,
On Nov. 15, 2009 a group of 11 people went up the Etna with our guide Rosario starting from Rifugio Sapienza.
It was the first vulcano tour for all of us and we were all impressed what we saw during the day: It was awesome to see the boiling craters on the top of the Etna and feeling the heat of this impressive active vulcano. The highlight was for sure the currently open lava spot on the Eastern side of the Etna, it was amazing to see and to feel the power of the earth.
We really have to thank you and Vulcano Dicsovery for the perfect organisation and we also have to thank our guide Rosario, who took care very well of the large group and provided us with very useful and detailed information on vulcanology and geology of the Etna. Rosario thank you very much for this perfect adventure tour!
Here I will also attach 1 foto of our group walking up the Etna on this day.
Thank you again for the organisation!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards
Thomas Fruhmann"

"Thanks for a great tour, we really enjoyed the trekking and were lucky to see lots of eruptions on Stromboli..." (Eolian Islands + Etna tour - Nick B., UK)

Michelle about her tour to Etna volcano

Michelle at the airport with our driver
Michelle at the airport with our driver

"Greetings, Tom!

Enclosed is the link for the photos from our trip. It was WONDERFUL. Please pass our greetings to Rosario who is such an amazing person. I have become a volcano-holic!


See Michelle's pctures on Shutterfly

"Hello Tom, Ines, Nicola, James, Steve
Time passes by very quickly...
but i managed to sort out the highlights of my 650 photos of our trip 
in Sicily and the Eolian Islands.
Here it is:
It was really a pleasure to travel around with you and watching all 
those photos reminds me of those great days.
Hope to see you some day on a Volcano or in Switzerland or somewhere 
else on this beautiful planet...
Daniel" (Stromboli to Etna tour Oct 08)

Inès on Vulcano's crater
Inès on Vulcano's crater
"Kære Tom
Tak for en skøn uge i det eoliske øhav og på Etna. Dejlige vandreture med
gode guider, smukke omgivelser og godt selskab, det var lige det jeg ønskede
mig. Vulcano, Stromboli og Etna er de første vulkaner, jeg har oplevet, og
det var helt fantastisk. Etna var virkelig storslået. De øde lavalandskaber
og alle de fine sten bjergtog mig helt og aldeles. På Stromboli var det fascinerende at se ned i krateret og se de små luende flammer og fontænerne
af ild, der skød op. Men de små fulmaroler på Vulcano med deres svovldampe betød noget helt særligt, fordi det er den første vulkanske aktivitet jeg nogensinde har set. Dette er steder, jeg gerne vender tilbage til.
Inès, Stromboli to Etna, Oktober 2008" (Ines K., Denmark)

"Just to say what a great trip to Etna and thanks to Rosario for showing me such wonderful sights. It was fantastic!" (T. Salt, UK) (Etna Private Tours)

"Etna, 15th August 2008 Thank you, it was a great experience, and we looked differenly at all the Volcanos in the Eoliennes, specially Etna. Roberto is great guide, as he could share his passion and knowledge with us,and give so much explainations." (Patrick de la Chesnais, UK). See Patrick's photos from this excursion on this page.

"Hola Marta
Disculpa que haya tardado un poco en responderte, he estado viajando bastante por trabajo estas semanas, y ahora toca unas semanas más tranquilas en Barcelona. El viaje estuvo fantástico, llevábamos años con ganas de ir a Nápoles y vuestra combinación  vulcanismo-arqueología-historia estuvo realmente bien. Nosotros nos volvimos encantados, la organización perfecta, tu trabajo fenomenal y hasta el tiempo acompaño. Tenemos ganas de volver y no descartamos para el año que viene un poco más de “lava volcánica”  con el itinerario Stromboli-Etna.
Da recuerdos a Tobias, es siempre agradable encontrar personas con esa pasión por la naturaleza y por intentar hacer cosas diferentes, incluso en sitios como Italia y Grecia donde parece que esta todo inventado. Si avísanos cuando vengas por Barcelona que tenemos ganas de verte. Abrazos" (M. A. Vallencillo, Spain, Vesuvius-Pompeii tour)

"Hello Tom,
We’re now back from another great week on Etna.
We very much enjoyed our day out with Marco on 5th June (Rosario had to lead a group that day) which Steve Banfield joined us for. We visited the ‘Bottoniera’ to do some filming/photos for a few hours, returning down the usual pleasant descent route around Mte. Montagnola.
We undertook numerous other walks on Etna during the week – some of which we had not done before - including a return to the current eruption site at the ‘Bottoniera’, when the activity had changed to more random and sporadic explosions from the upper vent, some of which were quite violent, although activity from the lower vent remained relatively predictable. We got some good night-time video footage of the active vents and lava flows from the Schiena dell’ Asina on one of our evening excursions. On our last day, we got excellent views (and, luckily, some more good video footage – for once the Valle del Bove was mainly clear of clouds!) of the advancing active lava front between Mte. Simone & Mte. Centenari from the ridge above the Serra del Concazze; the eruption was clearly continuing in similar style to the previous days, although there were far less ash emissions as the upper vent was exhibiting more Strombolian-type activity." (Niki, UK, custom Etna tour)

"Hi Tom, Just a quick note to fill you in on what we did after leaving you on Etna...we think we used our time wisely, we saw lots, and we had a very good time.  Thanks for all the good advice, it was very useful to us.
We had such a good time on our expedition with you!  It was more strenuous than I expected, but also more rewarding and more fun!  I could hardly wait to get back to show pictures to my friends and brag on our exploits!   One other unexpected plus--despite the mass quantities of delicious food, I actually lost a couple of pounds--my trainer at the gym was impressed!   Thanks for being such a thoughtful, knowledgeable and food-oriented guide.  We loved our trip!Regards, Linda K." (Linda K, Washington, Stromboli to Etna trip April 08)

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