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Pele´s Fire and Myths

- 7 days walking tour exploring Kilauea´s historic eruption sites, Hawai'i -

Curious to know what our previous participants thought of this tour? Below we list just some of the many positive feedbacks we received over the past years!

advice for travelling to the Kurille Islands

"...My advice for traveling to the Kurile Islands is as follows:
- There are many rivers on the islands, they are full of fish, the fishing methods would not make "flyfishing monthly", however the caviar is excellent.
- Most Russian volcanologist's carry guns in the field, ostensibly for protection against bears, I only saw them used to shoot ducks for dinner.
- I had no idea how much remnant Japanese WWII enforcements were still there.
- The seaweed salad is excellent.
- If the border guards offer you their hooch, sip delicately, it is an acquired taste and you could probably run a truck on it.

Lois T." (Australia)

Hi Emanuela,

... it was such an exciting experience for us...
for me the best mountain-experience I have ever had!

Best regards

"thank you again for organising such a fantastic alternative tour" (Bromo, Semeru, Ijen)

Strombolian explosion at Semeru volcano (image: Kat Spruth)
Strombolian explosion at Semeru volcano (image: Kat Spruth)

"Morning Ingrid/Tom from Australia,

Just wanted to say thank you again for organising such a fantastic alternative tour for me in Bali- had a great time -Semeru was amazing despite the duration on top being cut a bit short due to torrential rain and thunder- (wet season adventures!! :-))

Galih was a fantastic tour guide and a credit to your team wouldn't hesitate to do another tour with him and in fact can't wait to get back to Bali and see some more- he was full of suggestions on other active volcanoes and Ai love the more challenging hikes.... i was a little amazed to see just how commercialized and busy Ijen had become since I went there last (my friend had organised a side trip from Bali- no where near as good as going with volcanoadventures!)
(K. Spruth, Australia about her Bromo, Semeru, Ijen tour in Nov 2016)

"I am convinced that I couldn't have found any better tour option to discover these magnificent volcanoes of Indonesia" (Aravind P. about the Volcanoes of East Java tour)

Bromo strongly degassing at sunrise,  September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)
Bromo strongly degassing at sunrise, September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)
Incandescant lava at Semeru volcano after an explosive eruption, September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)
Incandescant lava at Semeru volcano after an explosive eruption, September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)
Restless mount Semeru, September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)
Restless mount Semeru, September 2016 (image: Aravind P.)

"Hi Tom and Ingrid,

Hope you guys are doing fine, perhaps busy with some volcanic adventures!.
I came back to Switzerland well after a great holiday in Indonesia. ...
...This was certainly a superb tour and wonderful exploration of the active volcanoes of east Java within the limits of time and possibility of all that can be done.
Galih did a great job in guiding me well throughout the trip. He was very flexible, open to requests and definitely gave a great company. More so, I enjoyed all those wonderful discussions on Volcanoes with him. It was certainly a very educative trip for me, but all the more a big event in watching a real lava rock fall/partial flow after Semeru's strombolian explosion. ... wow, what a spectacular setting!. I am now even more enthusiastic to explore more volcanoes in the future. I have some wonderful moments to remember from the entire tour. I am convinced that I couldn't have found any better tour option to discover these magnificent volcanoes of Indonesia.

Sincere thanks to the company and Galih and Ganz herzclichen Dank zu Tom and Ingrid! ...
...I now know whom to approach for serious volcanic explorations and ... I am sure to contact you guys again sometime in the future :-).

Good luck for volcano discovery!
best, Aravind"
(Aravind P. from Switzerland, about his private Volcanoes of East Java tour in September 2016)

"thank you very much for the formidable trip" (Batu Tara volcano expedition)

Watching an eruption of Batu Tara volcano
Watching an eruption of Batu Tara volcano

"Hello Tom,

... We wanted to thank you (as well as Andi, Galih and the team) very much for the formidable trip. It was our first trip with you but we came out very happy with the experience. In particular, we were very pleased with the following :

(1) excellent organization and logistics and good food (especially in challenging Batu Tara conditions) with no hic-ups or problems encountered,
(2) great flexibility to accommodate changes until the last minute (we were very happy to have chosen Rinjani as Andi must have told you),
(3) small groups that make the trip so much enjoyable, and
(4) a very good guide (Andi), knowledgeable, flexible, passionate...

Again many thanks for the trip and we will be looking forward to
joining another trip with you soon. Enjoy Colima and Guatemala and
have a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

See you soon,
Judith and Fady"
(from The Netherlands & France, about the Batu Tara volcano expedition in November 2015)

Beautiful memories

Inside of a lava channel
Inside of a lava channel
Antonio explaining the interior of an effusive vent
Antonio explaining the interior of an effusive vent

thanks again for giving us so many beautiful memories, Antonio was great and we had such a good time with you both.

(Etna Summit Tour)

...a wonderful trip with an excellent guide... (Volcanoes of East Java tour)

"Dear Ingrid,

I'm sitting here in a coffee bar on Kuta beach walk and fill the time
between two espressi to write these few lines about my trip.
I enjoyed it very much. Organisation, accommodation and transfers went
well. Galih was guiding with a lot of passion, competence and patience.
Especially Krakatau was one of the highlights.

Unfortunatly Ijien was closed due to vulcanic activities.
But apart from that, a wonderful trip with an excellent guide.
Thank you

(Thomas N. from Germany, on his private October 2015 which was customised with an extension to Krakatau)

Wonderful Etna tour

Walking on a lava channel
Walking on a lava channel
Hiking along the rim of Bocca Nuova crater
Hiking along the rim of Bocca Nuova crater

Hi Emanuela

Once again a big thank you to you and Rosario for the wonderful Etna tour. My son and I we really enjoyed it. It was impressive to see the volcano and we learned a lot - for sure an experience we will not forget.

best regards
Ralf Schäfer
(Etna Summit Tour)

Looking down into Etna's Bocca Nuova Crater
Looking down into Etna's Bocca Nuova Crater
Just a few meters and we are on top
Just a few meters and we are on top

Hallo Emanuela,
thank you for preparing und providing the photos. When we are looking at the photos we remember the great experience on the Etna.
Thank you for organizing this event for us.
Regards from Hamburg
(Etna Summit Tour)

Unforgettable experience

On the rim of Bocca Nuova Crater
On the rim of Bocca Nuova Crater
Hand in hand walking down Etna's Summit Craters.
Hand in hand walking down Etna's Summit Craters.
Walking on a lava channel from the Etna flank eruption 2002-2003
Walking on a lava channel from the Etna flank eruption 2002-2003

Dear Emanuela,

thank you very much for the amazing pictures, you could catch great moments of the tour. We would like to thank you and Rosario for the whole tour, it was an unforgettable experience.

Best regards,


(Etna Summit Tour)

Souvenir Photo on the rim of Bocca Nuova Crater
Souvenir Photo on the rim of Bocca Nuova Crater
The rim of Voragine Craer
The rim of Voragine Craer
Rosario and  Emanuela during a short break on summit (photo: Tersina Shieh)
Rosario and Emanuela during a short break on summit (photo: Tersina Shieh)

Dear Emanuela

Many thanks for the photos. They are great.
We really enjoy the hike with you and Rosario. Please say thank you to him again.

(Etna Summit Tour)

We will never forget it!

On the rim of the North-East Crater
On the rim of the North-East Crater
standing embraced and looking down onto the North East Crater
standing embraced and looking down onto the North East Crater
Walking back after an extraordinary experience
Walking back after an extraordinary experience

Hello Emanuela;
I would like to thank you very much for one of the best experiences we have had. The excursion was incredible, we will never forget it. Please thank Rosario on our beharf.
We will highly recomend this tour to our relatives and friends and maybe, why not, come back our selves again to repete the experience!
We are looking foward to seeing the fotos you took, thank you once again for that as well.
Best regards

(Etna Summit Tour)

Walking down the summit craters
Walking down the summit craters
Souvenir photo on the rim of Voragine Crater
Souvenir photo on the rim of Voragine Crater

Ciao Emanuela,
grazie per le bellissime foto.
Anche per noi è stato un grande piacere per fare questo cammino con voi.
Il giorno dopo abbiamo incontrato un'altra coppia al nostro hotel
che ci ha detto che volevano sul Etna.
Li abbiamo informati della nostra escursione con voi,
e detto loro che dovrebbero darci il benvenuto.

Cordiali saluti

(Etna Traverse Tour)

One of the most memorable experiences

Group on 26 October 2014
Group on 26 October 2014

Hi Emanuela and thank you again for your and Rosario's expert guiding on Sunday. I found it one of the most memorable experiences in Sicily, even if my companions struggled. ....
warm regards Monica Pfeffer (Etna Summit Craters Tour)

a marvelous trip that exceeded even my high expectations

now my wife and I are at home after our From Krakatao to Bali trip and I want to thank you for a great experience. It was a marvelous trip that exceeded even my high expectations. Some comments:

a) Galih was an excellent guide both in terms of trekking volcanoes and giving us an insight into Indonesian culture.

b) The drivers, especially the first one (Danny?), was exceptional in smoothly and safely navigating the maze of cars and motorbikes.

c) My initial concerns (based on Internet comments) about the Batavia (now De Rivier) Hotel in Jakarta were misplaced. This hotel is very good for its price, and it provides comfort and a unique atmosphere. I am glad we stayed there.

d) The itinerary was thoughtfully planned and well executed. Emphasis on early morning departures for good light and diminished crowds was very appropriate.

e) Having hammocks on Krakatau was most welcome. It was much better than sleeping in the tent, and to my great surprise, there were no (or very few) mosquitoes or other biting insects.

f) On the first night we were the only tourists on Krakatau, and the morning walk up the volcano was a real pleasure. On the second (weekend) night there were already many people camping there, and the walk on the following day would not have been as pleasant. Keeping away from weekends on Krakatau is indeed very desirable.

g) The Ijen Resort was a highlight of the trip. It is one of the most beautifully located hotels we have ever encountered over many decades of world travel.

h) Although the last hotel on Bali was fine and its location did not affect us, it is not on the beach as the trip outline on the web indicates. Had we expected to have a great beach-experience, we would have been disappointed.

i) We were surprised about the few American volcano tourists. You may use us references, if you wish.

With appreciation and best wishes,

(Peter K., about the Krakatau to Bali tour)


"Hi there Tom,

First up - AMBRYM WAS EPIC!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity Yasmin is a fantastic guide and what can I say about the crater lakes?
Unbelievable! Everyone has been absolutely raving about the photos I bought back-hopefully you'll get some business off the back of it, you guys deserve it."
(Kat S. from Brisbane, about the Vanuatu volcano expedition)

...Fondest memories...

"Yes,yes, Tom! Please, emails! Don't disappear on us! Congratulations and good luck in new venture. You can't miss. You're the best... And funny too. May this be wonderful New Year for you and yours and Volcano Adventures.
Fondest memories... Many hugs to you,

Sandie N."
(Sandra from Washington about a tour to Etna and Stromboli)

"He is amazing"

"Just wanted to say I'm very impressed with Andi. He is amazing...." (Michael D., Volcano Special to Sinabung)

"The tour was excellent, exceeded all expectations." (Krakatau to Bali photo tour)

"Hi Tom,
I am finally home . The tour was excellent, exceeded all expectations. Galih made the trip very interesting and was a pleasure to know. He kept us informed on everything and every where we went. I hope to catch up with him again. Thanks for organising such a great tour, it will have lasting memories .
(from from Bridgetown, Australia about the Krakatau to Bali photo tour)

"...what a great chef you are"

The website says that you are a volcanologist, science publisher and photographer.
I does NOT say what a great chef you are.
Once again thanks for a Brilliant two weeks in Iceland (and congratulations to Germany 7.1)
Brian B." (UK, Colors of Iceland tour)

One of the best volcano trips you can ever think to do is this one." Volcanoes in the South Sea

"One of the best volcano trips you can ever think to do is this one. I went with Volcano Discovery in 2012 ( First is the traverse of Ambrym Island and the overlook of the asonishing lava lake on Marum. Then the nightime visits to Tanna Island down south in the archipelago where Yasur volcano has a Strombolian eruption about 40 times an hour - plus shockwaves. And the Vanuatu people are some of the nicest anywhere.
(Richard Henley, Australia, about the Vanuatu Volcano tour)

...all the family is very happy and we will all remember these holidays all our life...

"Hi Tom,
We have just finished our trip in Java : we enjoyed it a lot, all the family is very happy and we will all remember these holidays all our life.
Andi is very professional, very nice and did his best to make the trip interesting for our kids. My husband was very happy to take beautiful pictures. And I was happy to do some trekking on volcanoes.
I hope other families can enjoy this trip in the future.
We look forward to make another trip with Volcano Discovery,
Thank you for all the organization,
Kind regards,
Maud" (Maud S., Singapore, Volcanoes of East Java custom tour"
See also: Frederick's photos from the tour

Feedback for the tour "from Krakatoa to Bali" in August 2013

Hi VolcanoDiscovery-Team,

We have just finished our trip in Java : we enjoyed it a lot, all the family is very happy and we will all remember these holidays all our life.

Andi is very professional, very nice and did his best to make the trip interesting for our kids. My husband was very happy to take beautiful pictures. And I was happy to do some trekking on volcanoes.

I hope other families can enjoy this trip in the future.

We look forward to make another trip with Volcano Discovery,

Thank you for all the organization,

Kind regards,


"I could think of anywhere we've been with such wild, spectacular and varied scenery day after day." (Iceland Photo Tour)

"Hi Tom.
Caroline and I returned safely to the UK at the beginning of last week, after a truly excellent tour round Iceland with Chris. You may have heard from him that we had unusually good weather - only a few hours of rain in 16 days, and lots of warm sunshine. We are lucky enough to have traveled a bit and seen some wonderful places, but neither Caroline nor I could think of anywhere we've been with such wild, spectacular and varied scenery day after day. Truly amazing. I've become a bit more serious about photography since we journeyed to the Danakil Depression together, and of course Iceland is just perfect for practising photo technique. Honestly, a splendid trip.
We also wanted to tell you - as we're sure you hear from everyone - what an outstanding tour guide Chris is. He did all the driving, shopping and cooking for us for 14 days, but managed to make it all seem easy and effortless. Nothing was too much trouble. His knowledge of Iceland is truly remarkable. And he is so enthusiastic. We have made another good friend through our trips with Volcano Discovery. Of course we said thank you to him as we left, but please do tell him again from us how very much we appreciate everything he did for us.
A few months in the UK now, but we are already thinking about volcano trips in 2014. If you decide that trips to the Congo become possible again, would you let us know dates as soon as possible please?
Meanwhile, as always, thanks and best wishes to all at VD!
Kind regards from Tom and Caroline"
(Tom + Caroline from UK, Iceland Photo Tour)

"... this tour was one of the best in our lives" (Volcanoes of East Java tour)

Group on Bromo
Group on Bromo

We returned from our trip to Bromo and Ijen on Sunday evening. This is the first time now that I can sit to my computer and - believe me - my very first act is to write to you about our trip.
First off the overall opinion of my family is that this tour was one of the best in our lives. We visited many beautiful places in exceptionally good weather and with a very professional and caring tour guide Galih.
I've been living here in Indonesia for one and a half year and I've learned that timing and information handling is a bit strange here for a European. But this time it was quite different. I got immediate responses to my SMSs and emails from Galih, his planning and execution of our days were just flawless. They were very helpful to us, he explained everything in details, always adjusted the pacing of the day to our experience level, supplied us food snacks and drinks in the right time.

Keep up the great operation!!

Best regards:
Gyorgy" (Hungary, Volcanoes of East Java tour)

... the most outstanding holiday of my entire life (Vanuatu Volcano Expedition).

"Hi Tom, ... , I was on the May Vanuatu expedition. I have to say that it was the most outstanding holiday of my entire life."...
"Tom, You're welcome to quote me by name, but I should add a bit more.
I've done several expedition tours with various outfits over the years,
and VolcanoDiscovery is clearly the best that I've encountered."
(Bruce V., Australia, about the Vanuatu Volcano Expedition).

I thoroughly enjoyed the Round The World Adventure

"... The reality was that I thoroughly enjoyed the Round The World Adventure, yes that’s what it felt like, an adventure. But one where I increased my knowledge of Volcanism and got close up and personal with lava. We were a small team of four which was supplemented by expert guides on each continent..." Read all (Roger, UK, about the Round-The-World tour)

Thank you for the wonderful trip to Vanuatu

Larissa & Yulia wearing helmets and gas masks on Ambrym
Larissa & Yulia wearing helmets and gas masks on Ambrym

"Dear Tom,
Thank you for the wonderful trip to Vanuatu. We enjoyed the challenging trekking and picturesque scenery very much.
Special thanks should go to our professional and charming guide Yashmin."
(Larissa, Russia, about the recent Volcanoes of the South Sea tour on Vanuatu)

"The trip was superb..." (Richard H., Krakatau to Bali tour)

"Hello Tom: just got back from Java this morning. The trip was superb and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated Andi and Galih who stepped in when Andi became sick. Everyone has an excellent visit and learnt a great deal. Krakatua and Ijen were my personal highlights.
Best wishes Dick" (Richard H., Australia)

"I believe we will be talking about it for the next few years..."

At the Valle del Bove
At the Valle del Bove

"Hi Tom
Once again, we really appreciated with your arrangement and guidance. It was the most enjoyable and the highlight of our trip.
It had also opened our eyes to see how wonderful and powerful our planet is.
We still have been talking about it. I believe we will be talking about it for the next few years. I don't think it will be a forgettable experience in my life. Poor me, it will be very hard to find another experience as good as this again. Unless your will take us to somewhere else on earth.
We would also thank for your organisation with Rosario to be our volcano guide. He was amazing. Hope we can visit him once again in the future.
Thank you very much. Please keep in touch and take care.
Tony / Moon / Joan / Eva"
(Tony S. from Hong Kong, about the Etna Volcano Special tour)

the trip was superb and Yashmin did a wonderful job!

"Hello Tom: the trip was superb and Yashmin did a wonderful job! I came back fitter than before and looking forward to the next trip. Yashmin has convinced me to put Guatamala on the list!"
(Richard H., Australia, about the Vanuatu Volcano tour)

Your Vanuatu Volcano tour was a fantastic mix...

"Dear Yashmin and Tom

Thank you for a wonderful, awesome holiday.
Holidaying with volcanoes was Craig's wish holiday and it definitely lived up to his expectations.
Your Vanuatu Volcano tour was a fantastic mix of hard core volcanoes and cultural Vanuatu life. I really enjoyed the time we spent in Endu while we both found the volcanoes amazing.

Yashmin thank you for your quiet persistent handling of the Air Vanuatu troubles. I am going to email them some feedback, but this will probably not make much difference.

Thank you again. I am not sure if other volcano tours are in our future, but if they are are we will do them with you.
(Shellie B., Australia, about the recent Volcanoes of the South Sea Vanuatu volcano tour)

"I had a great trip recently to Vanuatu" Vanuatu Expedition

Just wanted to let you know I had a great trip recently to Vanuatu on your volcanoes in the south sea tour. After a few hiccups at the beginning Ulla and Basti were able to get things sorted and we set out on our adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, seeing the 2 things that I had always wanted to see......boiling lava and an exploding volcano! If Yasur was in my backyard I would love to watch it every night!
It also made a big difference to share the adventure with friendly, easy going people from around the world. Ulla and Basti were fantastic, very accommodating and nothing was ever too hard. This was my 2nd tour with volcano discovery, Volcanoes of Java being my first last year. I would recommend either of these trips to anyone who is seeking a volcano adventure."
Kristy W (Australia)

"...most amazing tour" (Volcanoes of Java tour)

Just a quick email to say thank you for what was the most amazing tour (Volcanoes of Java) in August. Galih was an informative and helpful guide - he was incredibly knowledgeable and catered to all our needs. We were able to experience every volcano we had time for (sacrificed some sleep to fit in an extra couple!) and it was well worth it.
The highlight was most definitely seeing lava bubbling on the floor of Merapi crater - something to tick off the bucket list! I rarely go on holiday and feel such a sense of achievement at the end of it.
As a Geography teacher, this was a dream come true and would not hesitate to recommend VolcanoDiscovery to anybody - thank you so much. Both of you were incredibly helpful in your email correspondence prior to the tour and I received my gas mask well in time. I hope to travel with your company again in the future."
(Tina P., Coventry, UK)

"thoroughly enjoyed the trip" (Java Volcanoes Trekking tour)

Inside the crater of Krakatau
Inside the crater of Krakatau
Sunrise from Semeru volcano
Sunrise from Semeru volcano
Horse-riding at Bromo
Horse-riding at Bromo

"HI Tom,
I just wanted to give you some feed-back on my recent trip: Volcanoes of Java: 8-24 July 2012.
My son Zakkary & I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We feel that your guide, Andi did a wonderful job and represented your company extremely well. You've got a good guy there!
Little surprises like including some beer with many meals and a T shirt are very appreciated.
I would highly recommend your company and hope, when I can find the time to perhaps use your services in Vanuatu at some stage.
Thanks once again,
David" (Australia)

a cool trip in a really cool group - Vanuatu expedition

"Back home. It was a cool trip in a really cool group. Thanks to Ulla Lohmann and above all also Basti everything went smooth despite logistic challenges on location.
The experience of both gave us a great insight into the culture and people of Vanuatu. The video from this trip will this time be a professional one, as the SWR film team was with us. In November, you can see an impression from this tour on "Länder, Menschen,Abenteuer". Perhaps you'll see me in there as well."
(Alexander Günther, Hanover, Germany)

Wonderful landscapes Volcanoes of Java

Dear ###VD### Team,
after returning from Java / Bali, I'd like to send you a a quick report about our trip. Marita and I felt super well on the tour from the very first day until the end. Andi took great care of Marita and could almost read every wish from her lips. Despite her pregnancy, she could enjoy the tour and would not have liked to miss a single day. I got to know Andi as extremely caring and responsible tour guide, one who also has great competence in photography - something rare to find! His enthousiastic way to show us Indonesia and the beauty of volcanoes is contagious from the first moment and makes wanting for MORE!
Marita und I would like to thank you and your team very warmly for the great tour. As a side note, we appreciated a lot that the maximum number of participants was set to only 6, which made for a very pleasant experience of the whole trip.
Many greetings
Dietmar and Marita

Feedback Milos-Tour April 2012

Customer feedback for the Milos-Tour in April 2012
Customer feedback for the Milos-Tour in April 2012

"outstanding tour with a wonderful guide" (Fascination Volcano tour on Santorini (June 2012)

"Dear tom,
Thanks a lot for great cooperation : travel agent called us to say guests had an outstanding tour with a wonderful guide J
All the best."
Olivier Jeannier
Agent de voyages Sales & Operations Specialtours & Groups
Tourisme Pour Tous

A great TRIP to Etna with Rosario

"... btw we had A great TRIP to Etna with Rosario, so much so it has really inspired my son to do Geology in Imperial College in London this September.
Cheers, Michelle" (Private Tours on Etna)

"I thank you again for this fantastic trip and the enthusiasm, your service to get up early every day. This is not as a matter of course.
Claus and Anna" (Krakatau to Bali photo tour)

"The Iceland break trip was wonderful..."

Iceland Break 17th of February 2011:
"The Iceland break trip was wonderful, we had such a great time with Haukur and Hadda and a very nice small group. Everything was perfect, the sites, the weather, the food,.. I will definetly come back to Iceland soon...
Best wishes from Zürich,
Susanne" (Susanne S., Zurich, February 2011)

"Thanks so much for your assistance with arranging last week's trek"

"Thanks so much for your assistance with arranging last week's trek, Tom. Matt and I had a brilliant time!
Camille" (Camille & Matt from Australia about the Excursion to Stromboli)

"this is just magic" (Nicolas from France about his Stromboli tour)

Strong eruption from the NE crater
Strong eruption from the NE crater
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)

"Dear Tom,
I take advantage of this mail to state once again that this Stromboli discovery was great. You are used to but for newcomers, this is just magic.
Best regards - Nicolas
I saw that you have some customers testemony on your website: you may add this one if you want (and photo)
I wrote it in english (more international..)
"Thanks to VOLCANO DISCOVERY : we had a great Stromboli discovery, with my young kids.
Stromboli is just magic, erupting lava every 15 minutes or so, breaking the black night sky with fire: just great.
Going up with young kids is ok but needs some mental preparation and a good siesta before as the coming back is late night.
Last Congratulations to VOLCANO DISCOVERY: professional organisation and great spirit from managers that love volcanos and are not in just to tap money from tourists.
Best to all
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9) - written 2 august 2011" (Nicolas, France, Stromboli tour)

...What a genuinely life changing experience!... (Ambrym volcano tour)

Tim at Benbow volcano (Ambrym, Vanuatu)
Tim at Benbow volcano (Ambrym, Vanuatu)

"Wow Tom!
What a genuinely life changing experience! I'm speechless!!!
Yashmin and the guides were first class and I am forever grateful for dealing with such experienced people!
I want to go again! Thanking you
Tim J C." (Australia)

...what a great time we had...

"Hi Tom
We are now back from our holiday in Indonesia. Just wanted to drop you a message to say what a great time we had with Andi. The blue flames of Kawah Ijen were really a special sight to see, I'm amazed its not more nown as a tourist destination. Almost all the people we spoke to at Ijen during the day didn't know what wonders can be seen at night. Bromo was great too. Overall we had a fantastic time, many thanks. Phil H." (Volcanoes of East Java private tour)

"... an amazing day on our trip! ..."

"Aloha Philip!
Dawn and I can not thank you and Arthur enough for giving us an amazing day on our trip! I just submitted my review below to Tripadvisor and couldn't say enough good things about our experience with VolcanoDiscovery...
Take care, Rick

"Amazing 12 hours with VolcanoDiscovery!"
We spent 12 hours with Arthur on Feb. 10th, 2011 and it will be a day we'll never forget. I first contacted VolcanoDiscovery in December through their web site and promptly was contacted by Philip via email. I was initially considering the 6-hr Lava Proximity Hike but decided to book the 12-hr Active Eruption Combination Tour based on Philip's responses to my many questions. Booking through their web site was fast and easy. Philip gave us the option to advertise our tour on the web site so others could join us to reduce cost. Arthur called me the day before to arrange our pick up and discuss what we were interested in doing/learning so he could tailor our day to us. He was able to schedule a 2-hr tour of the Kazumura Lava Tube to start our day off which was incredible!
It was clear right away that Arthur was very focused on making sure we were getting the best experience possible. He had several local food items and drinks for us and checked often to make sure that we were happy with what we were doing and with our plans for the rest of the day. He took us to the National Park for several stops and a nice hike to Pu'u Huluhulu. After a quick stop for some food, he drove us to check in at Kalapana for the Lava Proximity Hike and we were off to see the lava up close. Once we got to the lava, he made sure to position us in the best place to get some great pics. Arthur acted as our photographer throughout the day and knew how to make both of our cameras get the best pics. I should also mention that Arthur's personality fits perfectly with his job. He was very friendly and personable. He also has a true spirit of Aloha and was well liked by everyone we interacted with during the tour.
Those 12 hours went by way too fast and the experience we had with VolcanoDiscovery was more than worth the cost! I had originally thought that we could tour on our own for a similar experience and boy was I WRONG!"
(Rick L., USA, about a Private Tour on Kilauea volcano, Hawai'i)

... had a wonderful tour on the lava fields (Lava hike on Kilauea

"Hi Tom-
Happy New Year!
We did your tour with Phillip last night on the Big Island and had a wonderful tour on the lava fields.

Alex" (Lava hike on Kilauea)

"I can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see, hear, feel, and smell the furious boiling lava of Vanuatu" (Andrew about the recent Expedition to Vanuatu)

Traditional dances on Ambrym (photo: Andrew McRae)
Traditional dances on Ambrym (photo: Andrew McRae)
Explosion at Yasur volcano (photo: Andrew McRae)
Explosion at Yasur volcano (photo: Andrew McRae)

"Hello Yashmin, and everyone at Volcano Discovery!
Thank you for running the Vanuatu tour, and explaining everything volcanic, and helping to keep us safe on the mountain and healthy in the jungles. None of us went for a lava swim so I guess it's a success?
Also, thanks for putting the flashing parking lights on the hills at Maroum because for a while I was concerned we wouldn't find our way back. But I think our local guides could have walked up and down blindfolded, they were amazing. Thanks for loaning me your jacket when I thought I would freeze to death - it was a privilege to wear that logo for just a few hours. :-D
Also thank you for helping me to understand that cultural immersion is the main value of travel.
I can recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see, hear, feel, and smell the furious boiling lava of Vanuatu. Not to mention the poulet fish is superb! I may even have a taste for camping, Camenbert theory, and cassava that I didn't have before." (Andrew M., Australia)

"...perfect organisation..." (a feedback in Croatian)

"Dragi Tom,
jos uvijek pod nezaboravnim dojmovima od putovanja po Etni, Volcano i Stromboli,htjela bih da ti se zahvalim.Tvoje kompetentno i razumljivo vodenje po vulkanu,odlicno organizirano,srdacnost Tvoje i grupe za mene ostaje u lijepom sjecanju.
Taj dozivljaj erupcije vulkana Stromboli na vecer, pjesacenje po Etni,razgledavanje Lipara, sve me to animira za opet drugo putovanje sa "VolcanoDiscovery"
Danke,Hvala Tom,
uz pozdrav Marica iz Varazdina,Hrvatska" (Stromboli to Etna tour)

"Hi, I liked the Vanuatu trip, I think it was pretty professionally run and I would travel with Volcano Discovery again it's a good company and the people that travel on it are all nice..." (Antony, Australia about the Volcanoes in the South Sea expedition to Vanuatu)

Feedback about the Bromo, Semeru, Ijen trekking tour

"Hi Tom,
Just wanted to let you know what a great trip to East Java we had earlier this month. It was a fantastic trip with spectacular sights resulting in some 500+ pictures. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great guide with Galih. Also the porters and drivers we had did a great job. We were very pleased to see that the porters not only collected our garbage but also others'. It is really quite sad to see that others just drop theirs.
Cheers, Elke and Kai" (Malaysia)

...thank you for the wonderful experience that we had... (Trekking Tour on Etna)

Dear Tom, we've just returned from Sicily and would like to thank you for the wonderful experience that we had. We had great weather and could descend into Etna's main crater. Your "variant 1" turned out to be the perfect challenge for our 9 year old daughter, although she found the craters and the fumes a bit scary. My wife and I rank this trip as one of our top 3 experiences so far!
Rosario was a perfect guide: he made us feel at ease and safe, provided just enough explanations without sounding like the stereotypical tourist guide and he was just 100% a pro.
Minor correction: the guides do have boots, backpacks and jackets that your customers can borrow.
I've enclosed a few pictures of us on Mt Etna.
Best regards Sven Jorissen"

" how much we enjoyed our trip to Sicily" (The Eolian Islands and Etna tour)

"Hello Tom and Tobias. We have been meaning to write to say how much we
enjoyed our trip to Sicily.
We'd particularly like you to know how very much we enjoyed the company of our guide. Of course life was a little easier for him with a group of just three people! But he went to great trouble to make sure that we were safe and comfortable and enjoyed all the trips we did with him. ... Thanks to you again, by the way, for allowing an 'uneconomic' trip to go ahead." (T. Mills, UK)

I would definitely recommend this to anyone (Stromboli trekking tour)

"...I climbed Sromboli as planned and had a really great time. The views were fantastic and the guides were very good.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Thank you." (Steve C., UK)

Myriam from France about our recent tour on Santorini

Les ponces de l'éruption Minoenne
Les ponces de l'éruption Minoenne
Chèvre sur Palea Kameni
Chèvre sur Palea Kameni
Le groupe avec des amis
Le groupe avec des amis

"Bonjour de France, enfin du soleil ici pas le même que celui de Santorin bien sûr, mais c'est toujours agréable.
Le retour en France a été difficile après avoir vécu une semaine hors du commun dans un décor extraordinaire. Je remercie Tobias et toi pour votre façon de partager votre passion et de nous faire entrer dans cet univers décalé avec la vie "normale" de tous les jours.
J'ai apprécié la découverte géologique de l'île, l'initiation à la compréhension de la formation de l'île et des volcans, les rencontres avec des gens simples mais de caractère de Santorin.
Le temps s'est arrêté pendant une semaine et je garde des souvenirs d'odeurs, de couleurs, de plats partagés avec le groupe.j'ai revu les photos prises pendant le voyage, les couleurs et les paysages étaient tellement extraordinaires que les résultats sont surprenants même avec mon simple appareil photo. J'aimerais envoyer les photos de groupe prises dans la taverne de nicolas à "yurgos", peux-tu m'envoyer leur adresse?Egalement j'aimerais commander le livre de Walter Friedrich, mais je n'ai pas noté l'éditeur.Merci pour ces renseignements.
Bonne continuation dans tes voyages
ps: quelques photos jointes... Myriam" (Myriam T., Orléans)

a wonderful excursion at the Etna

"Hi Tom,
I would like with this email to thank Volcano Discovery and the Team (Specially Rosario Basile) for a wonderful excursion at the Etna.
I took nice photos which I would like to share at the web page of Volcano Discovery. What shall I do?
Best Regards,
Gabriela Marcano"

Es war SUPER (Trip to Vanuatu)

"Hallo Tom,
kurze Naricht nach der Reise: es war SUPER!!!!!
...bien cordialement
Gilles" (Sarregueminnes)

"one of the most amazing experiences of my life"

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed the recent tour.
Marco was just brilliant and I can safely say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!
Adrian (Stromboli to Etna tour May 2010)

An article about our Kilauea Volcano Special Tour w/Philip & Tom, published January 2007:

In Hawai'i, the road to 'hell' is not paved, it's covered with hardened lava - read an article about a tour with us on the Seattle PI

... about a trekking tour on Etna

"Hi Tom,
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to email you with feedback from the trip Janet smith and Michael bailey took in June with your guide Rosario to do the full traverse of Etna. It was fantastic and something we will never forget. It was a hard walk but very enjoyable and Rosario was fantastic, he is very knowledgeable, kind and friendly, we were like friends by the end of the walk. Please make sure that you feed back this to him...
Thank you for all your help and we would definitely recommend you to others
Kind Regards
Janet and Mick" (UK)

Feeback from a private group tour on Etna

Group on 15 Nov 2009
Group on 15 Nov 2009

"Dear Tom,
On Nov. 15, 2009 a group of 11 people went up the Etna with our guide Rosario starting from Rifugio Sapienza.
It was the first vulcano tour for all of us and we were all impressed what we saw during the day: It was awesome to see the boiling craters on the top of the Etna and feeling the heat of this impressive active vulcano. The highlight was for sure the currently open lava spot on the Eastern side of the Etna, it was amazing to see and to feel the power of the earth.
We really have to thank you and Vulcano Dicsovery for the perfect organisation and we also have to thank our guide Rosario, who took care very well of the large group and provided us with very useful and detailed information on vulcanology and geology of the Etna. Rosario thank you very much for this perfect adventure tour!
Here I will also attach 1 foto of our group walking up the Etna on this day.
Thank you again for the organisation!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards
Thomas Fruhmann"


"I just wanted to say abig thank you to you and your team for organizing our fantastic trek up Kili last week. Everything worked smoothly- your guides were first-class and the food, camping equipment, etc. was excellent. We enjoyed it tremendously. Please pass our thanks on to the team. Thank you" (Charles P., Sussex, UK about his trek up Kilimanjaro)

First class service (Kilimanjaro)

"We all agreed that we paid for first class service and we received first class service. Your crew did an outstanding job. We could just marvel how they managed to keep up their happy spirits despite the heavy work. Also the food and service was amazing under such harsh conditions.
We loved all the porters and guides who never stopped being upbeat and helpful even when we were tired, cold and cranky! The best part was that we ALL made it to the top. ... It was reassuring to see that safety was always at the forefront.
Also your concern about the welfare of the porters made a big difference in choosing this company. Our tents, camp, food and staff appeared to be far superior to the other mountain trekkers which we encountered on the way. Our guides were the best. We always felt well informed about the upcoming day and when needed they were willing to give up their own comfort just to make sure we are all well taken care of. This is beyond the call of duty." (Helga A. from Minnesota about her climb to Kili)

Peter and Sue's feedback from the Montserrat tour in Feb 2010

"The visit to Montserrat was a wonderful experience for both of us. Seeing the many ways in which the volcano has changed both a natural landscape and overwhelmed a built environment has certainly left a very strong impression.
Thank you so much for organizing our trip.
Peter" (Peter V., Toronto, Montserrat Volcano Special tour, Feb 2010)

Margrit from Potsdam about the Faszination Volcano tour on Santorini (Oct 09)

"Hallo Tom,
wieder einmal war es sehr schön auf Santorin und ich möchte mich für alles bedanken. Die Organisation, unser Hotel und die vielen neuen Eindrücke, welche du uns vermittelt hast sind kaum in Worte zu fassen. Vor allem aber danke, dass ich noch so kurzfristig teilnehmen konnte.
Eure Touren sind schon etwas Besonderes und mit viel Esprit, sehr persönlichen Einsatz, so dass man sich sofort wohlfühlt und immer gern wiederkommt.
Herzliche Grüße, Margrit" (Margrit from Potsdam, Faszination Volcano tour)

Gudrun from Dresden about the "Fascination Volcano" Tour in October 2009

"Hallo Tom,
nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank an Dich und die anderen für die schöne gemeinsame Woche mit dem gelungenen Mix aus Natur und Kultur, Sonne, buntem Stein und blauem Meer, Wandern und Neues Lernen, ein bisschen Anstrengung und Genuss!
... Weiterhin viel Glück bei allen Euren Unternehmungen und herzliche Grüße - Gudrun"

"Thanks for a great tour, we really enjoyed the trekking and were lucky to see lots of eruptions on Stromboli..." (Eolian Islands + Etna tour - Nick B., UK)

Katharina's feedback (in German) about the Krakatau to Bali tour (July 2009)

"Hallo Tobias, hallo Tom
Ich bereue nichts !!! Eine fantastische, anspruchsvolle Tour wird sich in meiner Erinnerung einprägen, als eine meiner schönsten Reisen überhaupt.
... Ich bedanke mich bei Tobias für die guten Tipps zum noch besser Fotografieren und bei Ihnen beiden für die perfekt organisierte und durch wirklich fähige Leute geführte Tour. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass dies nicht die einzige bleiben wird, die ich bei VulcanoDiscovery gebucht habe. Das Gleichgewicht zwischen Anstrengung und Geniessen entspricht so ziemlich genau meinen Bedürfnissen, damit ich mich gefordert und zufrieden fühle.
Nochmals vielen Dank und die herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz

Andy's comment on the Krakatau to Bali tour (July 2009)

Antony on the boat to Rakata island near Anak Krakatau
Antony on the boat to Rakata island near Anak Krakatau

"Dear Volcanodiscovery and my Tour Guide Andy,
I would like to thank you both for the great trip that you provided. I found
the organisation was excellent and the food at many of the restaurants was superb.
I think the highlight was Krakatoa which is really an amazing volcano, and
some of the high climbs which were very exciting. Every volcano we visited
was a bit different.
Andy is a very experienced guide, who can take you as close to any volcano
in the tour as you like as deemed safe by him. Most of all I was very
with Andy's enthusiasm, he loves the volcanoes and it really shows in his own keenness to see them over and over again.
Indonesia I found overall was also very scenic. And I would encourage others
to book this tour before the masses find out about it!!
I hope that one day a tour will be offered to Sumatra and Andy can lead the way once again.

Dr Antony V.E., Melbourne Australia."

Michelle about her tour to Etna volcano

Michelle at the airport with our driver
Michelle at the airport with our driver

"Greetings, Tom!

Enclosed is the link for the photos from our trip. It was WONDERFUL. Please pass our greetings to Rosario who is such an amazing person. I have become a volcano-holic!


See Michelle's pctures on Shutterfly

Sandra from California about the "Fascination Volcano" tour on Santorini:

"...Somehow I missed Tobias' link to photos and, fortunately, saw it through your note. Just finished looking at each image. Now, I"m exhausted! Stunning, and brings back keen memories, indeed. A whirling, dizzying journey to a version of Santorini unknown to most travelers. From moment we dropped luggage at Aktori to wine-tasting, to walk between villages, to our magical boat trips, to trek around caldera ledge, to climb up limestone mt., to smoking sulpher, to ancient city of Thira, to dreamy soups, best goat cheese, limpets and baklava...on and on. Tom and Tobias, our intrepid, ever-onward guides are a terrific team. Such compatibility among group of 17--wondrous again. How lucky was that??

Crazily, I just returned from 12 days in China...thus, a combo Greece/China 5-week adventure to savor and treasure. From yogurt, white villages & volcanoes to noodles, mountain temples & cave grottos. All intrigue and mystery and contrasts galore...

Best hugs,


Peter from Denmark about the Krakatau special tour:

Hello Tom. My journey home, went without problems. As i told, this visit to krakatau was the fullfilment of a life long dream for me. To see an active volcano and a famous one to. you, Doni, Marco and the others was very fine company. I liked to be together with you, it was a good experience and would like to do it again... My best gretings.

Feuerberge der Südsee - Rückmeldung

Guy watching eruptions at Yasur volcano
Guy watching eruptions at Yasur volcano

"So urteilte ein Kunde über die 14 tägige Reise, welche als Expedition ausgewiesen wurde.

Das Reiseprospekt informierte im Voraus hervorragend über die zu erwartende Erlebnisse.
Die Durchführung der im Prospekte angegebenen Ankündigungen war vorbildlich. Alle Fahrzeuge bzw. Flugzeuge, die für die Transfers erforderlich waren bis auf einmal pünktlich, was unter den gegebenen Umstände ( auf Ambrym und Tanna existieren keine asphaltierten Strassen bzw. keine funktionierende Infrastruktur) eine ausgezeichnete Leistung darstellt. Zugleich blieb es jedoch möglich unter bestimmtem Umständen und mit Zustimmung der Reiseteilnehmer, dort wo das gewünscht wurde vom Reiseplan abzuweichen.

Für die Reiseleitung konnte die Fernseh-Moderatorin und Fotojournalistin Ulla Lohmann verpflichtet werden. Aufgrund Ihrer außergewöhnlichen Kenntnisse der Südsee und deren Bewohner konnte Sie nicht nur viel Wissenswertes vermitteln, sondern wegen Ihren vielen früheren Kontakten mit den Insulaner Tabus durchbrechen und der ganzen Gruppe
von neun Personen die Warmherzigkeit dieser Insulaner näher bringen. So waren Besuche bei den verschiedenen Dorfbewohnern einer der Höhepunkte dieser rundum gelungener Reise. Ihre hervorragenden Kenntnisse als Photographin und Hobby Vulkanologin führte zu mehreren sagenhaften Besuchen der Feuerberge mit gigantischen Ausblicken, die von den Besuchern – auch mit ihre Hilfe – auch fotographisch zu absoluten Höhepunkte werden konnten.
Auf den ältesten Expeditionsteilnehmer – immerhin deutlich über 60 Jahre alt – wurde stets Rücksicht genommen ohne das dies zu Einschnitte für die Jüngeren führte. Ich kann diese einmalige Reise jeden Vulkan – bzw. Südsee Liebhaber nur empfehlen."
(G. Franquinet, Teilnehmer der Pilotreise Mai 2009)

Valerie's feedback from the trip on Santorini, May 2009

"Dear Tom & Tobias. Thank you for our remarkable trek in Santorini and Methana--for the beautiful memories and breathtaking photos.
... Coming home to Tobias' pictures gave me time to slow down and appreciate the remarkable experience we had.
I braved edges with Tom's help, jumped on boats with swirling seas (Daphne said I landed, elephant like, on poor Steve flattening him). ... The views took my breath away. ... Remember the oasis where we drank fresh squeezed orange juice and cake? I doubt whether juice will ever taste that good again. ... Little did I know that a bonus to our trip was the leader's desire for good food--and wine-- at the end of the day.
I have new appreciation for magma, volcanic bombs, the beauty of the caldera, smoking sulphur, adjectives that describe volcanic formations and olive trees found preserved in volcanic ash.
Thank you Tom and Tobias for a remarkable experience, and for your good choice in participants. It was a great group. Valerie" (Fascination Volcano, Santorini tour)

"... This was one of those wonderful adventures that we loved at the time, but loved even more as we looked back at all of the places we'd been, the lovely people we met, the great bond we developed. And......a birthday - high atop a volcano - that I will remember forever!
...Many hugs, Daphne" (D. Lewis, Washington, Santorini tour)

Ronny's mail about the expedition
Ronny at a freshly ejected lava bomb that is still glowing inside...
Ronny at a freshly ejected lava bomb that is still glowing inside...

"Hi dear volcano lovers,
... I also wanted to thank everybody for making this tour so great!

Especially our professional and charming Ulla, for guiding us around Vanuatu, and Tom for the initiative/organization.

Hope we'll meet again sometime, miss you all,
Ronny" (Vanuatu expedition)

"Hi Tom,
This trip had everything! It was so much better than the standard tourist trip to Santorini (we felt so superior the folks who arrived on the 10 story floating skyscrapers and who apparently devoted their time on the island to shopping!). The hikes were good exercise, but with your encouragement to the less athletic among us, not too tough. We got to see so many parts of the island that most visitors don't get to see. And our reward for energetic hiking was delicious food, and lots of it. I appreciated that we got to eat a whole variety of local foods and wines which do not appear on the conventional menus of Greek restaurants in the U.S. I ate like a champ but didn't gain any weight!
I particularly appreciated the interpretation of the geology that you provided. On the way to the airport, you asked what was my favorite thing we did. I liked all the hikes, and especially the accomplishment of doing so much in a short time, but the big thrill, I think, was visiting the small geology museum in Perissa and seeing the critically significant preserved olive tree that you discovered and having you tell us about the find. Thanks for a really wonderful experience!" (Linda K, Olympia (WS), Santorini May 09)

"Hallo Tom!
Ich möchte Dir an dieser Stelle noch einmal ganz herzlich danken für die sehr gut organisierte Expedition zum Erta Ale und Dallol. Ich habe selten zuvor in zwei Wochen so viele positive und eindrückliche Momente erlebt wie auf dieser Reise. Neben dem Besuch der Vulkane wird mir die Danakil-Wüste mit all ihren facettenreichen Landschaften, die Freundlichkeit der Aethiopier, der sehr gute Teamgeist unserer Gruppe und natürlich die Kamelkarawane zum Salzsee in bester Erinnerung bleiben.
Auch erwähnenswert ist natürlich der Besuch der Felsenkirchen, welche eingebettet in einer fantastischen Landschaft liegen. Ich bin sehr dankbar für all diese eindrücklichen Momente! Sollte ich zukünftig wieder einmal auf Vulkanexpedition gehen, werde ich ohne zu zögern "VolcanoDiscovery" deswegen kontaktieren. Zudem erlaube ich mir, Dich in meinem Bekanntenkreis weiter zu empfehlen.
Herzlichst, André B.
Schweiz" (Expedition to the Danakil)

"Hello Tom, Ines, Nicola, James, Steve
Time passes by very quickly...
but i managed to sort out the highlights of my 650 photos of our trip 
in Sicily and the Eolian Islands.
Here it is:
It was really a pleasure to travel around with you and watching all 
those photos reminds me of those great days.
Hope to see you some day on a Volcano or in Switzerland or somewhere 
else on this beautiful planet...
Daniel" (Stromboli to Etna tour Oct 08)

"I have had a great time in Indonesia, enjoyed almost every minute of the trip. It was a great adventure in good company - a lot of fun. Be sure to look me up when you're next in NZ, I'll show you some local ignimbrite. Hope you like the attached pic. Cheers Jim." (Jim Cummings, NZ)

4-Day Kilauea Volcano Special Group Tour, December 2008:

"Hi, ... I just viewed the DVD I bought and thought I could hear the sounds and smell the smells! I really had a great time on our trip and appreciated your knowledge and experience and your company! It was, for me, an experience of a lifetime! Mahalo, once more, and all the best! Fondly -- Regina" 
"Tom Pfeiffer proved to be a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide throughout our trip. He communicated not only a wealth of information and his passion for the subject of volcanology, but also his delight in the drama and beauty of the world of volcanoes. Respectful of individual needs and interests, he made the experience both educational and most enjoyable. Regina Bringolf, Hancock, New Hampshire, U.S.A." 

2-Day Active Eruption Private Tour w/Philip, November 2008:

Dear Philip, dear Tom,

in November after an really exciting day, we´ve promised Philip to send some pictures.
Well, it was not forgotten, we just had to cover with Christmas, new year and, of course we had to sort through our pictures first. We did, and you can find the photos here. As you can see, Tom, you have the right fireproof man out there on Hawaii. Thank you again for taking us on that trip, showing us what kind of stuff lava really is!
We wish both of you a happy new year, full of adventures and new experiences. Stay healthy!

Regards and “auf Wiedersehen”

Sabine + Egon
"Hallo, Tom Zuerst vielen Dank für die tollen Photos, ich zeigte sie auch Helene und wir schwelgten wieder in Erinnerungen an unsere gemeinsamen Ferien. Es war eine wirkliche  lehrreiche  und zur gleichen Zeit auch sportliche Reise gewesen. Vor allem wurden auch unsere grauen Zellen aktiviert........
Auch über die Organisation muss ich Dir noch nachträglich ein grosses Lob aussprechen!!!!!
Irgendwann werde ich wieder eine Reise mit Deiner Organisation  durchführen. Ich habe ja Einiges  lesen können ( sites internet). Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Adventszeit sowie natürlich  auch vielleicht ruhige Weihnachten und einen tollen Rutsch ins Jahr 2009, sowie weiterhin viel Erfolg auf Deinen Reisen.
Und vielleicht irgendwann einmal wieder ?! Alles Liebe und Gute Uta" (Fasination Vulkan, Santorin - Okt. 08)

Inès on Vulcano's crater
Inès on Vulcano's crater
"Kære Tom
Tak for en skøn uge i det eoliske øhav og på Etna. Dejlige vandreture med
gode guider, smukke omgivelser og godt selskab, det var lige det jeg ønskede
mig. Vulcano, Stromboli og Etna er de første vulkaner, jeg har oplevet, og
det var helt fantastisk. Etna var virkelig storslået. De øde lavalandskaber
og alle de fine sten bjergtog mig helt og aldeles. På Stromboli var det fascinerende at se ned i krateret og se de små luende flammer og fontænerne
af ild, der skød op. Men de små fulmaroler på Vulcano med deres svovldampe betød noget helt særligt, fordi det er den første vulkanske aktivitet jeg nogensinde har set. Dette er steder, jeg gerne vender tilbage til.
Inès, Stromboli to Etna, Oktober 2008" (Ines K., Denmark)

Blick in Teufels Küche" Bromo (Foto: Hanspeter Ulrich)
Blick in Teufels Küche" Bromo (Foto: Hanspeter Ulrich)
"Hallo Tom und Doni,
Herzlichen Dank für die unvergessliche Reise quer durch Java nach Bali! Die Organisation vom Volcanodiscovery-Team vor der Reise und die Leitung von Doni während der Tour haben bestens geklappt. Doni hat uns kompetent und mit viel Gefühl durch ein Land geführt das wir bisher nicht kannten. Er hat uns eine Menge über die wunderbare Natur und das lebensfrohe Volk Javas und Balis mit Begeisterung näher gebracht.
Nachfolgend einige der vielen Highlights: romantisches Campieren in Sichtweite von Anak Krakatau und das Jurassic-Park Feeling der Tengger Caldera mit Bromo und Semeru zu allen Tageszeiten.
Der Besuch des Muddflow-Katastrophengebietes von Porong sowie des Schwefelabbaus im Ijen war sehr eindrücklich und hat uns auch nachdenklich gestimmt.Die langen Fahrten mit den verschiedensten Transportmitteln waren sehr abwechslungsreich. Wir genossen die schmackhaft zubereiteten indonesischen Gerichte vor allem in den kleinen Restaurants. Am langen schwarzen Strand vom weniger touristischen Nordbali hatten wir Zeit die eindrücklichen Erlebnisse der letzten 16 Tage Revue passieren zu lassen.
Das ruhig gelegene Bali Lovina Beach Cottages ist eine sehr gute Wahl. Wir werden euch auf alle Fälle weiterempfehlen und freuen uns jetzt schon auf eine nächste Reise mit Volcanodiscovery.
Eine Auswahl unserer Fotos:
Grüsse aus der Schweiz - Margrit und Hanspeter Ulrich"
(Krakatau to Bali Tour)
"Just to say what a great trip to Etna and thanks to Rosario for showing me such wonderful sights. It was fantastic!" (T. Salt, UK) (Etna Private Tours)

"Etna, 15th August 2008 Thank you, it was a great experience, and we looked differenly at all the Volcanos in the Eoliennes, specially Etna. Roberto is great guide, as he could share his passion and knowledge with us,and give so much explainations." (Patrick de la Chesnais, UK). See Patrick's photos from this excursion on this page.

Foto mit Kay & Andy. Im Hintergrund der Krakatau
Foto m. Kay & Andy.
[Report by Kay Estler who took part on our tour Java´s volcanoes. ]

Hallo Tom und Tobias,

wir sind wohlbehalten von unserer Trekkingtour zu den Vulkanen Javas zurückgekehrt.
Das waren wirklich unvergessliche Eindrücke! Am meisten haben mich der Krakatau und der Semeru beeindruckt. Nach dem anstrengenden Aufstieg auf dem Plateau des Semeru zu stehen und unmittelbar daneben eine riesige Aschesäule in die Luft gehen zu sehen, war schon ein fantastisches Erlebnis! Aber auch Merapi, Kelud, Bromo und Ijen waren echt klasse. Insgesamt eine richtig super Tour, für die ich mich bei Euch noch einmal herzlich bedanken möchte.
Vor allem die Organisation vor Ort war spitze.
Unser Guide Andi hat wirklich alles im Griff gehabt. In einem Land wie Indonesien ist man eigentlich darauf eingestellt, dass es mal das eine oder andere logistische Problem gibt. Aber nicht die Spur davon, es hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Und Andi war großartig, sowohl was Organisation als auch seine Tätigkeit als Trekkingguide betrifft.
Nochmals danke an Euch und vielleicht bis zum nächsten Mal!
Ich werde auch wieder einen Reisebericht über die Tour schreiben und diesen auf meiner Homepage veröffentlichen. Das dauert aber bestimmt noch eine ganze Weile. Wenn er fertig ist, gebe ich Euch Bescheid.

Viele Grüße aus Berlin
Kay Estler

Frank working at the lava lake of Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia
Frank working at the lava lake of Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia
"Hallo Tom, ich möchte mich hiermit bei Dir für die exzellente logistische Organisation der Touren nach Äthiopien Januar 2008 (Erta Ale, Dallol) und Indonesien Juli 2008 (Krakatau und Tengger Kaldera) bedanken. Dank Deiner netten und kompetenten Partner vor Ort (Solomon, Doni und alle anderen) fühlte ich mich in sehr guten Händen aufgehoben und verköstigt. Somit konnte ich mich auf meine fotografischen Aktivitäten konzentrieren, ohne mir über organisatorische Dinge Sorgen machen zu müssen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass wir noch einige weitere Exkursionen zusammen machen werden und kann Volcano Discovery Touren sehr empfehlen.
Good luck und gut Lava"
Frank Krahmer - Premium Nature Photography

"Tom, I'm thinking you might be on your way to Krakatau now -- I hope you all have a great trip.  We had such an excellent time on our Santorini tour and I keep going back to your web site to figure out which volcano tour I want to try next... " (Jill, USA)

"Hola Marta
Disculpa que haya tardado un poco en responderte, he estado viajando bastante por trabajo estas semanas, y ahora toca unas semanas más tranquilas en Barcelona. El viaje estuvo fantástico, llevábamos años con ganas de ir a Nápoles y vuestra combinación  vulcanismo-arqueología-historia estuvo realmente bien. Nosotros nos volvimos encantados, la organización perfecta, tu trabajo fenomenal y hasta el tiempo acompaño. Tenemos ganas de volver y no descartamos para el año que viene un poco más de “lava volcánica”  con el itinerario Stromboli-Etna.
Da recuerdos a Tobias, es siempre agradable encontrar personas con esa pasión por la naturaleza y por intentar hacer cosas diferentes, incluso en sitios como Italia y Grecia donde parece que esta todo inventado. Si avísanos cuando vengas por Barcelona que tenemos ganas de verte. Abrazos" (M. A. Vallencillo, Spain, Vesuvius-Pompeii tour)

"Hello Tom,
We’re now back from another great week on Etna.
We very much enjoyed our day out with Marco on 5th June (Rosario had to lead a group that day) which Steve Banfield joined us for. We visited the ‘Bottoniera’ to do some filming/photos for a few hours, returning down the usual pleasant descent route around Mte. Montagnola.
We undertook numerous other walks on Etna during the week – some of which we had not done before - including a return to the current eruption site at the ‘Bottoniera’, when the activity had changed to more random and sporadic explosions from the upper vent, some of which were quite violent, although activity from the lower vent remained relatively predictable. We got some good night-time video footage of the active vents and lava flows from the Schiena dell’ Asina on one of our evening excursions. On our last day, we got excellent views (and, luckily, some more good video footage – for once the Valle del Bove was mainly clear of clouds!) of the advancing active lava front between Mte. Simone & Mte. Centenari from the ridge above the Serra del Concazze; the eruption was clearly continuing in similar style to the previous days, although there were far less ash emissions as the upper vent was exhibiting more Strombolian-type activity." (Niki, UK, custom Etna tour)

"Hi Tom, Just a quick note to fill you in on what we did after leaving you on Etna...we think we used our time wisely, we saw lots, and we had a very good time.  Thanks for all the good advice, it was very useful to us.
We had such a good time on our expedition with you!  It was more strenuous than I expected, but also more rewarding and more fun!  I could hardly wait to get back to show pictures to my friends and brag on our exploits!   One other unexpected plus--despite the mass quantities of delicious food, I actually lost a couple of pounds--my trainer at the gym was impressed!   Thanks for being such a thoughtful, knowledgeable and food-oriented guide.  We loved our trip!Regards, Linda K." (Linda K, Washington, Stromboli to Etna trip April 08)

"Hi Tobias We are writing to express our high level of satisfaction with our tour of Naples on 3-6 May.

We are impressed with your professionalism and competence to coordinate travellers from different countries. Our sensation is that you are very professional agency, providing fast and clear answers to our series of e-mails, making it easy the tour booking and solve problems. Additionally your excellent website provides clear and useful information.

The hotel was great, the Napolitanean food and wine were delicious and the itinerary was wonderful appropriate to our interest with a perfect combination of geology-nature, historical values and the interesting city of Naples. All the places visited were very interesting in itself, but after the explanations and assistance of our guide, Marta, they became sincerely impressive. We want to make a special mention to Marta, our guide-driver-assistant-bodyguard, because she was very good and has make our trip better.

It was a pleasant experience to find a company like Volcano Discovery, which provides a service so different, fun and interesting even in places where everything seemed invented on tourism. We are already planning our trips for 2009, we'd like to repeat in the future with another trip in Italy, and why not, in your loved Greece which we have not visited yet. Once again, thank you very much for organising the trip. We had a fantastic time! Many thanks and regards Miguel A. V. & Maria del Carmen P." (M.A.V & M.C.P., Spain - Vesuvius to Pompeii tour)

"Hi Tom and Tobias, I just wanted to tell you what a nice job that Marco did on our volcano tour last month. I had originally asked for Marta because I thought she would be great with the grandchildren. Marco did a fabulous job with both children-the eight year old grandson especially enjoyed Marco. They were great friends by the end. ...Thanks again for a great volcano tour, Terry" (Terry D., Coloroado, Stromboli to Etna trip May 08)

Marlies and Solomon at Dallol
Marlies and Solomon at Dallol
Hello Tom Hello Solomon
WOW - the DANAKIL has it all
Sand - stones - rocks - lava - salt - camels, not to forget the fascinating volcano ERTA ALE and the mysterious and magic scenery at DALLOL. Thank you TOM for taking me on your pilot expedition. Thank you SOLOMON for being such a great and helpful tour guide. (Marlies B, UK, 2007 Erta Ale - Dallol expedition).

Thanks again, Tom, for this great week in Santorini
Thanks for your competency, your kindness, your support in all situation. Thanks for the ouzo, the orange juice, the wine ...Keep in touch, Marie-Paule (Fascination Volcano, Santorini)

One word that describes Etna is 'awesome' and one word that describes Rosario's skills as a guide 'outstanding' ! (Etna tour - Kamal M., UK)

Lengai volcano mirrored in Lake Natron (photo: Philip Benham)
Lengai volcano mirrored in Lake Natron (photo: Philip Benham)
"Hi Tom
Thanks for the fantastic trip to Lengai. ... We had some spectacular experiences on the remainder of our trip. Rwanda's Volcano National Park is very beautiful and back in Tanzania we witnessed vultures tearing apart an antelope, two hippos battling on land for about 20 minutes and wildebeests giving birth. The highlight though was my two days on Lengai." (Phil from Canada, Lengai expedition Jan 08)

Hi all, Sorry about the late reply, just getting back in the swing of things at work. We climbed Etna as planned, although you do not appreciate the grand size of it until you are there. Etna being over 3 times higher than any mountain in Ireland. We met our guide at the top of the road near the excursion centre by the cable car. After he had sorted us out with gear we headed off up the cable car and trekking across the snow. i must admit that i had never trekked in snow before nor had any of my team. (We hardly get any snow in Ireland only rain). After hiking for about 4-5 hours and lots of breaks we got to the cabin at the top with in about 30 - 45 mins from the main cones.
It is hard to describe the mountain. it was total covered with snow  and was a small bit cold but once you keep moving you don't really feel it, a clear blue sky since we were above the clouds and total quite not a person for miles. Peaceful a bit different than my job.
After the guide digging out the snow from the cabin door we ventured in to get some much needed food and hot drinks which we had carried up the mountain. after resting at the cabin it was decided to head back down, as one of the teams old back injury had came back to haunt him. On the way down we looked at some lateral craters and vents. We later headed back down the cable car and to the excursion centre.
This trip was well worth going and i would recommend it to any one traveling to scissile to attempt this trip. Who knows I may come back and attempt it again myself one day, when I am a bit fitter I think.
A special thanks to the guide for staying with us and showing us the beauty of the mountain. I am sure he could have climbed the mountain in the half the time it he wanted to. (lol). And to all the staff of Volcano Discovery for making this trip one of the best trips i have been on.
Yours sincerely
Christopher Corbett, Igor Kendrinkski, Paul Doolan, Marco (Ireland)
"MANY THANKS again to TOM for the incredibly wonderful trip to Krak. OK, tell him I will wait to exit Krak photos until next monday or tuesday, I will need many days to edit so many photos............ Hoping Tom is amusing of Indonesia summer, warm greetings from a very cold Trieste!!   m"
(Marco Fulle, a VolcanoDiscovery Europe Team member after his tour in Nov 07 to Krakatau; his photos are now online on at:

I am writing to you to thank you for a wonderful tour
Both yourself and Rosario provided a fantastic service from the moment we enquired to the moment we arrived back at Rifugio Sapienza. Rosario was a great guide and he helped us to get much more out of our trip to Mt Etna than we could have hoped for and truly made it a trip to remember.
Should you ever need a reference, I would be more than happy to oblige. As soon as I can, I will be putting some photos on our website of Rosario and our trip.  Should you want a copy of any of them, just let me know.  I will let you know when I have published them.  It will probably be at least a week though.

Many thanks once again, Daniel & Julie

"Tom, Had a great tour, Etna was more than impressive, just fantastic - like a moonscape up there. ..." (J Perston, UK)
".. Just got back from Sicily. I had a very enjoyable time even though Etna has been shy and did not want to put on a performance. On the Monday I went round to the North side visiting the Grotta del ghiaccio, first time wearing crampons. The second day was spent in the Valle del Bove. The third day spent at the summit craters. The fourth day I joined Marta visiting the Alcantara Gorge, Taormina and spending the evening and next day in Catania.
As usual, Marta maintained the professional standards I have come to expect from the "Volcano Discovery" team, and I expect the three other clients felt the same way." (S. Banfield, UK)

Merapi at sunrise
Merapi at sunrise
Majestic Merapi
Majestic Merapi
Me and Doni
Me and Doni
Semeru at sunrise
Semeru at sunrise
Bromo volcano
Bromo volcano
Me on the rim of Ijen volcano
Me on the rim of Ijen volcano
"Hi Tom I would like to tell you about my Krakatoa to Bali Tour, June 07 but I dont have enough time. I would like to tell you, I had the most magical tour of my life. To start with Doni is the most lovable, caring, and funny person I have met in many years. He looked after me like a queen making sure that everything was just the best. Krakatoa was unbelivable, Merapi was Majestic, and Bromo beautiful. The whole beauty of Java and its people was very addictive. May I say thankyou to Doni and everyone that helped along the way, in making my life long dream come true ...the whole trip was a very healing experience and I loved every moment of it. Thankyou Doni for making it my Magical Java Tour....Cheers Joy Poortier Alice Springs, Australia" (Krakatau to Bali tour, June 07)

4-Day Kilauea Volcano Special Private Tour w/Tom, July 2007:

"We have arrived at home last night as per schedule...We could enjoy our tour very much and we think that our tour aim was 100% satisfied. We could have wonderful experience that we could never forget. Thank you very much for your guide. Later, by mail, I will send two video files, mpeg2 format and mpeg4 format, that recorded the lava. Sincerely, Seiji" (S. Takeda, Japan, Kilauea Volcano Special tour July 07) 

One of the participants sent us this nice spostcard she made herself.
One of the participants sent us this nice spostcard she made herself.
Sacred Sites in Greece 2007 tour - hand-made postcard.
Sacred Sites in Greece 2007 tour - hand-made postcard.

"Hello Volcano Discovery and especially Marta, I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed our tour with Volcano Discovery... For me personally the whole trip was fabulous from the hikes to the boat trips on the Mediterranean. There is not a single thing I would change for myself. Marta-You did a nice job, the ladies all loved you. .. Terry" (Colorado, USA)

Etna private tour - May 07
"This is a note to say that we enjoyed the climb and you made it successful, interesting and informative. Thank you very much for being an excellent guide. I attach two of our photos, one taken at the crater rim - and one of you! ... Thanks again Rosario!" (T Ecott, Etna private tour, May 07)
"Just a quick email to say what an amazing time I had hiking up Mount Etna last Thursday. It was an amazing experience I shall never forget, much thanks to our guide who was informative, safety conscious and extremely patient! Regards, Francoise J." (Etna private tour, May 07)

Just a quick line once again to thank you for your assistance , companionship and friendship over the last two weeks. I had a brilliant time." (B. Barker, Isle of Man, Krakatau to Bali April '07)

"... I just wanted to thank you for another nice trip. I'm sure it won't be the last. ... You seem to choose your people well...Marta was quite knowledgeable and very enjoyable to be with..." (Stephen, USA)
"Having been back from Italy for a week, just a few lines to say what a great holiday it has been. I thought that Marta did a brilliant job as tour manager, up to volcano discovery's usual high standards, if like the rest of the group, it had of been my first time travelling with the company i would have been very impressed..." (Steve, UK)

8-hr Lava Proximity Hike (Private Tour) w/Philip, January 2007:

"We hiked the volcanic lava with Philip on Jan. 30 and what a thrill it was for us!  Philip was able to point out various configurations and structures that we saw along the way and explain their existence because of his background as a geologist and volcanologist, and that just made the whole trip for us. He also took us close to a skylight where we could see the glow from the lava flowing through the tube and be the first people to walk on the new lava around it, and that was definitely a thrilling experience! We have shown just about everyone we've met the pictures of the skylight and have told them about your company, so hope you get some business out of it. There was certainly a lot of interest.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for enabling us to have such a wonderful experience, and to thank Philip again for taking us on such a fascinating hike.  It was the highlight of our cruise around the Hawaiian islands.  We're glad that we got to ride in Philip's old hunker of a jeep as it made it a bit funky for us, but hope he enjoys his new vehicle." (Sheila, US)

"Just wanted to say thank you very much to Marta Gasparrini, for her mamzingly led trip through Naples, to Amalfi, which I was on the last two weeks...thank you for making it one of the best holidays of my life!" (J Brown, UK)

Hi Doni! "Hey guys! What's up, what's up yo?!"
We're all sorry we have not written to you earlier, guess we've had enough just thinking of all our good Indonesian memories. It was really an exciting and exotic adventure for us, we are often talking about when we'll do our next trip to Indonesia. There sure will be one. And as a gesture of our gratitude, we'd love to show you Scandinavia if you're ever in Europe. ... It's really amazing how different countries and lives can be and Indonesia is probably the most interesting place all the three of us have ever visited. So, of course we've told our Scandinavian friends about the amazing trips to Bromo, Sukamade, Ijen plateau, Bali, all the towns, other places and of course our new Indonesian friends. If any of my friends want tips for Asian trips, I will without any doubts recommend them Indonesia and your guiding.
Sorry, but I don't remember your wife's and older son's name, but I do remember "little Buddha"'s name - Yoni. Anyway, say hello to them all and Manitro (hope I spelled his name correctly) from all of us. And of course Annika and Fredrik send their best wishes to you. Terima kasih for the magnificent tour and wonderful company!
//Arvid E H." (Sweden, Java custom tour)

"Hello Doni, back in my home I would like to thank You again for the 3 ½ weeks on the islands Java, Bali and Lombok. It was very, very nice weeks. The job with our group was not surely always easy for you. In spite of that you made Your Job good and fulfilled every wish. Next to the wonderful landscapes, to the interesting volcanos particularly the people in Your Country for whom it is been surely often heavily but they are always cheerful and sociable, left me enthusiastically. Very different than we European. I request you always good health and a happy family. I hope, we see ourselves again. ... Once more thanks and greetings,  Karlheinz" (Krakatau to Bali tour, 2006)
"Once again, thank you very much for for organising the trip. We had a fantastic time! Many thanks and regards, Penelope" (UK, Volcanoes of East Java tour, summer 06).

Group of the Bromo-Semeru-Ijen tour (Sep 2006)
Group of the Bromo-Semeru-Ijen tour (Sep 2006)
"Hallo Tom, seit vergangenem Freitag sind wir wieder zurück in Deutschland. Die Tour durch Java und Bali war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Vielen Dank auch für die Vorbereitung dafür. Viele Grüße und alles Gute für VulcanoDiscovery, Florian" (Bromo-Semeru-Ijen, Sep 06)

"Dear Marco,
We want to thank to you for your very kind guide in Italy... Hiromi asks me for saying thanks to you and Tom. She is also impressed by the beauty of the eruptions and volcanoes and is very satisfied for your guide... Kind regards, Seiji" (Japan; Stromboli tour Sep 2006)
"Buenos Dias Marco, It is really great hearing from you. How was your last tour? Not as good as us, right?! I really wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful guide. I had a wonderful time. Believe it or not, I really want to go back already. Someday, maybe I will move to Italy, who knows. For now, I am preparing to move to New York. I will continue to practice my Italian and perhaps I will see you again at another volcano. All the best, Sedelia" (NY, Etna-Stromboli tour May 2006)

"Bonsoir Tom,
Merci pour les photos de Santorin qui sont magnifiques! Et encore félicitations pour l'organisation de ce voyage. Quand on revoit les photos et le film qu'a fait Yvon, on se rend compte qu'on a non seulement bien vu l'aspect Géologie de cette île, mais aussi l'aspect humain... Bonne continuation (les Suisses disent "bonne suite")
und alles gute. Nathalie et Yvon" (Santorini tour, Sep. 2006)
"Un très grand merci, Tom. Quel plaisir de revivre ces moments fabuleux grâce à tes photos ! J'espère que ton périple italo-sicilien se déroule aussi bien que le nôtre et je te redis ma reconnaissance pour la qualité de l'organisation et les commentaires dont tu nous a fait bénéficier. Cordialement, Geneviève" (Santorini tour, Sep. 2006)

"Hi Tom - Hope you are well. Thanks again for a great trip - really enjoyed it - particularly the second climb to the craters. Had a good time - helped by the weather and a good group. - Well organised! ... Andy" (Etna-Stromboli tour Oct 2006)

"Tom, I just wanted to say thanks for arranging such a great trip. It was everything I hoped for and more. Marco was great, as was Rosario, and stromboli was absolutely stunning. I also wanted to confirm you were ok...we were all quite concerned considering you were right in the center of all the trouble over there. Please let me know if everything worked out. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship, and fully intend to use your services again in the future. With warm reguards, Stephen Hunt" (Etna-Stromboli tour May 2006)

13-Day Heartbeat of the Earth Private Tour w/Philip, November 2006:

"Aloha  Tom
Just wanted to give you some feedback from the above trip.  It was FANTASTIC!!!!!.  As you know I was the only participant which worked well for me as we had a suggested itinerary, but was able to modify to suit my requirements, including the incredible boat trip to view lava.  I have travelled extensively, and this boat trip is definitely up there at the top with other unbeatable life experiences. Philip Ong is one of the kind.  His knowledge and passion for the Big Island is unsurpassable.  His friendly disposition enjoyable.  I loved every minute I spent with him, will treasure the discussions about anything and everything we undertook.  The joking and laughs we shared - he really made the experience work.   Also I would like to thank you for all the emailing and sorting of dates etc that you did to make my trip possible.  Phil has some fantastic ideas and plans to include in future tours, which will make it even better - if that is possible.   An amazing experience that I will never forget and a new friend made.   Mahalo!!  Denise Ellson"

"Can you pass on my sincere thanks to Tom Pfeiffer for his extraordinary assistance in giving us a very, very good interview on the base of Mt Merapi last week. None of us were to know how significant our interview and programme was to be, until the earthquake hit us on Saturday morning and the whole value of what we were doing increased enormously.
Elliott flew out of Jakarta on Monday morning and the tapes are going straight into editing to be made into an hour programme tentatively called "Fire Mountain" - this will then go to air world wide on Discovery very soon we hope. 
Toms contribution was significant and I for one will keep your contact information in case other networks need similar expertise and talent.
In return, If you can make a note of my company at in Singapore, Im freelance and available to shoot these programmes to the highest global standards for any client, in any location on earth. ... Thank you gentlemen, it was a genuine pleasure meeting you and working with you. Yours Sincerely
Motion Picture Director of Photography
Film & HD Cinematographer"

VolcanoDiscovery featured in Endless Vacation magazine:

"Hello Tom, ... Penelope and Elizabeth left Java last Monday, and are now half way down the coast of Vietnam. I am sure they will email you on their return to the UK in about 2 weeks but I thought I should pass on some very positive comments. They both absolutely loved Java and I am sure they will be wanting to return in the near future. They found the local people particularly friendly in marked contrast to their initial experiences in Hanoi (although things are running much more smoothly now). In one of your emails, you said that Doni was very good. In fact, that is a major understatement. Penelope ranks him EXCELLENT - not only as a volcano guide but also in making sure everything ran smoothly in camps, hotels, restaurants, etc, etc. (Elizabeth also met him on the last day). ... they both had a wonderful day going to Krakatoa with Alain - from the wonderful departure port, to the volcano climb, swim, and restaurant in the evening. In & around Yogya, they admired both temples (getting locked into one because of the time & having to climb the gate), and got to 4kms from Merapi. Also, they particularly liked the hotel at Yogya - very happy with the others, but they felt this one was special. As I say, I hope they will comment further on their return, but I would like to thank you very much for organising this trip and to thank your people on the ground for all their work. Many thanks again. Best regards Robert" (May 2006, Robert, UK)

Pirgos village on (Greek Easter) Good Friday (21 April 2006)
Pirgos village on (Greek Easter) Good Friday (21 April 2006)
"Hi Tom, Now that we are back home, I wanted to thank you for your patience in showing us so many different aspects of Santorini: the history of volcanic eruptions and geology, local wine and food, Easter pageants, great walks and views, ancient excavations, etc.  We enjoyed our stay very much! ... please give our regards to Koula and her family. We really appreciated that they invited us to share their fabulous Easter meal with them. It was very kind of Tobias to meet us for an evening on such short notice. ... Viele herzliche Gruesse Ursula and Bill" (May 2006, Ursula & Bill from Canada)

"Tom... really enjoyed the day. Because of the amount of snow, we had to walk from the top of the cable car, and that made it a very long day but all the more memorable.
The visibility from the top was very good, and we could clearly see the Aeolian islands, although it was very hard to see into the crater because of the clouds of gas. We had some walking equipment, but the snow shoes Rosario brought were very useful, if a little difficult to get used to.
Rosario was great, with a very good knowledge of the mountain, volcanos, and good English (even if he didn't think so). We would certainly recommend yourselves and/or Rosario to anyone else visiting Sicily who wanted to go on Etna (or any other volcanos). Mark & Sarah (Scotland)"

"Hi Tom,
just  a note to thank you for a great tour in October, it was great fun and I learned much, the food and company were excellent, the whole experience was fantastic. I see I even made it to the picture gallery! I have been busy with the thin sections, and have attached a few photos for you to look at. As is often the case ones that you expect to be good are disappointing, e.g. Cape Riva Ignimbrite, while Dacite, which looks to be just glass, shows a lot of structure, flow aligned crystals and good zoned feldspar and pyroxene. The sale of slides seems to be going well and I have stared a ‘shop’ on ebay which is difficult to keep stocked as they sell so quickly. The fund for future collecting expeditions is growing nicely! ... Once again thanks for October, send my regards to your Mother, and have a happy Christmas. Rob" (UK, Dec. 2005)

Karen inside a spectacular cooling fracture on the volcano of Methana.
Karen inside a spectacular cooling fracture on the volcano of Methana.
Regina, Tobias and Karen in a cafe on Poros Island, Greece (Saronic Gulf tour, Oct. 2005).
Regina, Tobias and Karen in a cafe on Poros Island, Greece (Saronic Gulf tour, Oct. 2005).
"Hi Tom, Hi Tobias,  Just a very brief message to say "hello" and to thank you for making my first encounter with Greece such a special one. I have many fond recollections and stories to last a lifetime. ... I am slowly adjusting to life back in the states, but missing my traveling companions very much. Please send my best regards to Regina and remember too that you will always have a place to stay should you come to San Francisco. With warm regards. Karen" (San Francisco, Oct. 2005)

Some nice words from a mixed group on Santorini ... (French, English, German speaking)
Some nice words from a mixed group on Santorini ... (French, English, German speaking)
"Thank you Tom for a wonderful week of discovery & wonderful surprises! Judith."
"Thank you Tom for a wonderful week of discovery & wonderful surprises! Judith."

"Hello Tom,  
Thanks a lot. I'm glad that I joined the Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour. Everything was very well organised. For me personally, Stromboli and Etna were the highlights, but the other places and volcanoes may also not to be missed. Stromboli wasn't very active the evening we climbed to the summit. But, the day after I got the chance to take a few pictures from the observation platform at 400 meter. I was amazed by the results I got with a small digital camera. I'm really looking forward to new tours and destinations in the VolcanoDiscovery program for next year. Best Wishes, Ronny" (Belgium)
"Tom, Thanks for a magnificent trip... Brian" (Isle of Man)
Lunch break on the volcano of Santorini (1)
Lunch break on the volcano of Santorini (1)
Lunch break on the volcano of Santorini (2)
Lunch break on the volcano of Santorini (2)
"Dear Tom Many thanks for a wonderful trip to Santorini, it was great! Hope things go well at the conference. Well, I said I would send you the octopus photos so here they are, hope they don't clog your mailbox I have no zip function on this computer! All the best Ann" (Newcastle, UK)

"Salut Tom!
Nous sommes bien rentrés en France ce soir, la tête pleine de merveilleux souvenirs... Ce voyage restera inoubliable pour moi, et je garde plein d'images fabuleuses de tous ces moments magiques que nous avons vécus... Merci pour toute ta gentillesse et ta générosité, je suis vraiment heureuse de t'avoir rencontré! 
                               A bientôt!           Alix"
"Un petit aperçu photographique pour encore une fois te remercier pour ce fabuleux séjour. Je t'envoie le tout sur CD ou DVD le plus vite possible. A+ Marion et Eric"

4-Day Kilauea Volcano Special reviews, 2005:

"The Tom Pfeiffer & Phil Ong tour is the ultimate volcano live performance ..." -> Read the FULL REPORT !
(Britt and Finn Pedersen, Denmark; 1 March 2005)

"Thank you both for an amazing trip. Pele pulled out all the stops, which I will forever appreciate (I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on lava), but so did you guys. It would have been fun hanging out with you anywhere, but it was best to do it on a volcano. Unforgettable. <...>Thanks again. I had a blast. Next, Santorini (and you have to come too, Phil!). Be careful, don't do anything too crazy, and have a Thai meal and a beer for me. Love, Pam." (Pam Petro, Massachussets; 26 Feb. 2005)
"Having visited Etna independently on 2 previous occasions, I wanted to join a small group so that I could hike to the main craters. I found the trip with Tom in July 2004 well organised and informative. Tom and the Etna guide that was with us for our 3 day trip took us to parts of Etna that no other tourist would probably know of or could visit safely. The hiking was long and fun. The visit to the main craters was fantastic and allowed us to see Etna in all its glory.
I will definately be joining Tom again later this year to visit Java and woud recommend Volcano Discovery to anyone with an interest in hiking volcanoes." (Andrew Jackson, UK)
"Hi Tom, Thanks again for the super week on Santorini! It really was the experience I expected and I would heartily recommend your trip to anyone interested in combining a holiday on the Greek islands with geologically fascinating day walks. Well done!" (Bob Davenport, Germany)

"…I am so pleased to tell you about Tom's Santorini tours! My preference for travel is to be "as close to the ground" as possible. By that I mean I avoid tourist areas and really look for unusual or cultural/educational experiences.
Tom's tours are both intimate and professional. Tom is an expert in not only volcanic activity past and present, but he is also an expert on Greek life and culture. He knows the people, and they love him. Because Tom has lived in Greece for several months of the year for several years, he is well known and appreciated by the locals. This appreciation for Tom and the people he brings on his tours is rewarded by the community with absolute joy in service. For example, the last night of the tour we had a meal at a taverna on a beach. The restaurant gave us each a choice of anything on the menu. We were treated to amazing traditional Greek food, from small fish to hardbread, feta and olives, and amazing desserts. All of this was served in casual fashion on a makeshift outdoor patio almost in the sea! (not quite)
My favourite day was the trip to the volcano. We boarded a small boat and were transported to the volcano by the most humerous and typically Greek character, Sostas. Sostas is a friend of Tom's and can be seen on the Discovery show featuring Tom and Sostas and this tour. We landed on the volcano and Tom explained its history and answered any questions we had. We then swam in the volcanic waters at Sostas's house as Sostas prepared a traditional fish soup, hardbread, feta made from the goats that wander around the hills surrounding Sosta's property, olives, ect. An absolutely marvelous day. I must point out local tours to the volcano generally involve large boats with hoards of tourists who are dropped off and picked up with no explanation of the volcanic activity or history. Tom ensures a personal and educational cultural experience." (Shelly Logan, Canada)

"Hello Tom, I send our last Bulletin because there is one article on the excursion Santorini. I profit to thank you again very much for the way you lead this tour all the people were very happy." (Pierre Vetsch, Société Vulcanologique de Genève, SVG) - the report (in French) is found in the Bulletin Nr. 45 of the SVG.
Extract of the bulletin report mentioned above, referring to the Oct. 2004 tour: "...L’histoire de Calliste (le très beau nom donné à cette île par les anciens Grecs) est extraordinairement bien inscrite sur les flancs de sa caldeira (plutôt des restes de ses caldeiras successives). Des évidences ont été trouvées pour au moins 4 caldeiras, suite à autant d’éruptions explosives. La dernière, la Minoenne, date de 1645 BC. Elle est gravée dans la mémoire de l’humanité... tellement elle est récente ! C’est tout cela, et bien d’autres choses encore, que nous sommes allés admirer (et tenté de comprendre) au cours de ce voyage.
Le magicien dans cette affaire, c’est Tom Pfeiffer, géologue-volcanologue mandaté par notre président pour nous accompagner. Tom a parfaitement répondu à notre attente. Passionné, attentif, pédagogue, à l’humour taquin, volontiers francophone, il nous a fait découvrir les secrets de cette île en sept jours bien remplis. Je parlerai plus loin de son parcours professionnel..." (Jean-Maurice Seigne, Genève, Switzerland)

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