Top 5 Volcano Tours to see "Red Hot Lava"

Watching Yasur volcano erupt (Vanuatu) during our Round-The-World tour
Watching Yasur volcano erupt (Vanuatu) during our Round-The-World tour
Visiting an erupting volcano is an unforgettable experience. If you're particularly looking to see "Red Hot Lava", these are among the best places to go to:

#1: Stromboli volcano - the lighthouse of the Mediterranean

Эоланские острова + вулкан Этна (Италия): От Стромболи к Этне
(9-дневный тур с вулканологом на Стромболи, Этну, Липари, Вулкано)
Mountains of Fire - From Stromboli to Etna
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 9 дней / 8 ночей Тип тура: ПЕШКОМ: Активные вулканы - ГЕОЛОГИЯ - ПРИРОДА ТРУДНОСТЬ Easy to Moderate
Price per person: 2780 € $£¥
10-18 окт 2020
8-16 май 2021
22-30 май 2021
Вместе с одним из наших опытным гидом-вулконологом вы откроете для себя такие известные и активные вулканы как Этна на Сицилии, Эолианические острова Вулкано, Липари и Стромболи. Этот маршрут сочетает в себе захватывающие прогулки, интересные экскурсии, отдых на островах в очаровательных гостиницах и отличную средиземноморскую кухню. more info

#2: Dukono and Ibu - Indonesia's most active volcanoes

Хальмахера N-Сулавеси (Индонезия): Volcanoes and Spices
(17 days volcano trekking tour to the Molucca Sea: N-Sulawesi, Karangetang and Halmahera)
Volcanoes of North Sulawesi - walking tour to discover Lokon, Mahawu and Soputan volcanoes
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 17 days / 16 nights Тип тура: Треккинг: Активные вулканы - ПРИРОДА - фотография ТРУДНОСТЬ Умеренный
Price per person: 3600 € $£¥
9-25 авг 2020
6-22 сен 2020
4-20 окт 2020
The legendary Molucca Sea, known for its precious spices that attracted early traders from Europe, is not only one of Indonesia's most interesting and beautiful areas. It also has the largest density of active volcanoes of any region in Indonesia, thanks to a very complex and unique tectonic setting.
Two active subduction zones to the west and east have consumed a small oceanic microplate, the Molucca Sea plate, producing two active volcanic arcs in North Sulawesi and in Halmahera. On this tour we visit no less than 5 of the most active volcanoes in the world, two of which - Dukono and Ibu - have been in near permanent activity for years while the others, Lokon, Soputan and Karangetang erupt frequently.
Each of the volcanoes is completely different in character and provides a great adventure to explore. The tour for a small group is an immersion into colorful cultures and an intense meeting with its very friendly people. Last but not least, the delicious, spicy cuisine of the region will enchant you. more info

#3: Erta Ale, Ethiopia: the best lava lake to see from close

Пустыня Данакли (Эфиопия): Desert, salt and volcanoes
(14 days expedition to Erta Ale volcano and Dallol hydrothermal field (Danakil desert, Ethiopia))
Desert, salt and volcanoes - expedition to the Danakil desert and its volcanoes
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 14 days / 13 nights Тип тура: Expedition: Активные вулканы - фотография - приключение ТРУДНОСТЬ Умеренный
Price per person: $ 4530 €£¥
14-27 ноя 2020
13-26 ноя 2021
Experience one of the geologically most active areas on the planet! The Danakil desert is famous for Erta Ale, one of the world´s few active volcanoes constantly hosting a boiling lava lake and the surreal landscapes of colors, salt, geysers andsprings at the hydrothermal fields of Dallol.

See the dramatic change of environment when the jeep expedition starts in Addis Ababa (at 2355 m), and gradually descents into the Danakil depression, passing through Awash National Park before reaching the banks of Afrera salt lake (at - 100 m). The journey continues as we climb Erta Ale shield volcano and spend 3 full days and nights exploring the volcano´s caldera. We then set up camp at the Afar village of Hamed Ela and have 2 full days to discover the hydrothermal area of Dallol and Assale salt lake, including the centuries-old ritual of salt cutting. Finally explore the UNESCO world heritage site of the rock hewn churches of Lalibela.

We have been organising tours to the Danakil since early 2007 and hence have expertise in arranging such expeditions. Our highly competent Ethiopian main guide and volcanologist Enku and his friendly team will safely take you through the desert in 4x4 jeeps. The sometimes Spartan character of living conditions in the Danakil are partially compensated by the large variety of meals freshly prepared by our cook! more info

#4: Nyiragongo, DRCongo: the largest lava lake in the world

(8-days expedition to Nyiragongo volcano & mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park)
Nyiragongo's lava lake and the mountain gorillas: expedition
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 8 days / 7 nights Тип тура: Вулкан экспедиция: приключение - фотография - дикой природы ТРУДНОСТЬ Moderate to Challenging
Price per person: $ 3950 €£¥
30 июл - 6 авг 2020
24-31 янв 2021
21-28 фев 2021
An adventurous trip to The Virunga National Park, DR Congo with a special deal to spend 2 NIGHTS on the crater rim of Nyiragongo volcano (normally, only one is allowed!)! In addition, the lava lake has been particular active with frequent, dramatic overflows lately, so it's a great time to visit!
The heart of this adventurous expedition is two nights camping on the rim of the giant summit caldera of Nyiragongo volcano, above its violently active lava lake which is the word´s largest!
Second highlight is a trek through dense rainforest to observe a family of mountain gorillas, endangered primates which found a safe heaven in Virunga National Park.
The itinerary furthermore includes a visit of the volcano observatory and Goma city, where life goes on from the ashes of the destruction caused by Nyiragongo´s 2002 eruption, and beautiful and varied scenery during the drives through western Rwanda and to the start of the volcano hike and gorilla tracking.
An excellent local guide who gladly provides insight into the regions history and local culture, the company of a Goma observatory volcanologist during the time spent on Nyiragongo, friendly people, good accommodation and tasty food make this trip complete! more info

#5: Fuego, Pacaya & Santiaguito - Guatemala's Fiery Trio

Guatemala (Central America): Volcanoes in the land of the Maya
(14-дней исследования поездки и экспедиции вулканы Гватемалы)
14-days study trip and expedition to the active volcanoes of Guatemala
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 15 days / 14 nights Тип тура: ПЕШКОМ: Активные вулканы - ГЕОЛОГИЯ - приключение ТРУДНОСТЬ Умеренный
Price per person: $ 3900 €£¥
не запланированные даты в настоящее время
Guatemala: a country with spectacular volcanic activity, wonderful landscapes, colorful villages and towns, friendly people.
With its 3 active and very distinctly different volcanoes Pacaya, Fuego and Santiaguito on a stretch of little more than 200 km, and many impressive conical peaks between them, Guatemala has the highest density of active volcanoes anywhere on the planet.
Accompanied by a trained volcanologist, you watch active volcanoes from up close and get an in-depth understanding of the powerful and turbulent natural processes at work.
With its colonial heritage, the lively and colorful town of Antigua is the perfect place to start and end our tour. There is time to explore the Mayan markets, listen and dance to the sounds of Salsa and Merengue, practice your Spanish and get in touch with the friendly and warm Guatemalan people. more info
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