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Stromboli Trekking

group and private tours to watch Stromboli volcano

"Stromboli is just magic, erupting lava every 15 minutes or so, breaking the black night sky with fire: just great." (Nicolas S., from France, July 2011)
Eruption from several vents seen from Pizzo (the visitors' area)
Eruption from several vents seen from Pizzo (the visitors' area)
Lava fountain from a vent inside Stromboli's crater
Lava fountain from a vent inside Stromboli's crater
Watching Stromboli's craters
Watching Stromboli's craters
Strombolian eruption at Stromboli
Strombolian eruption at Stromboli
View onto Stromboli village
View onto Stromboli village
Group climbing Stromboli
Group climbing Stromboli
Climbing Stromboli volcano can be an extremely rewarding experience. Famous for its regular fireworks since Ancient times, Stromboli is one of the very few volcanoes in the world that is in near-constant activity. It offers visitors a relatively easy access to a vantage point where its fireworks can be observed from very close range in reasonable safety.
In addition, the island of Stromboli with its particularly addictive charm is always worth a visit. Surrounded by sea, magnificient black-sand beaches, a tranquil setting (no cars), beautiful white houses with lush gardens, it provides a perfect surrounding for a relaxing holiday.
  • Watch one of the world's most active volcanoes
  • Extraordinary lava viewing conditions
  • Unique setting on a charming Mediterranean island
  • Private or group tours available

Ascesa Stromboli: nuovo sentiero

День 1: New climbing route
Start in the afternoon to the summit, observation of the activity, return around 11pm

Old route (Sciara del Fuoco)

День 1: Old climbing route via Sciara del Fuoco
Climb via Punta Labronzo and Sciara del Fuoco to Pizzo, stay on summit, descend (6-8 hrs total)

Ginostra route

День 1: Ginostra route
Transfer to Ginostra by boat, climb along the western rim of the Sciara del Fuoco to the Valle della Luna, then on to Pizzo, observation of the craters, descend to Stromboli village

Информация о встрече::

The tour starts and ends on Stromboli. Since return is usually late, it is normally necessary to spend at least one night on the island, but to enjoy the island and its volcanoes, you can easily spend 3 days or more there...

Тип тура: Short tours and excursions: Активные вулканы
ТРУДНОСТЬ: Умеренный
Group size: 1-20
ПРОДОЛЖИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ: 5-7 hours (afternoon / evening)


Индивидуальные и групповые даты
Any day between 15 Mar - 1 Nov

Price (per person): from 40 EUR p.p.


  • Authorized mountain guide
  • Booking fee
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