Methana & the Saronic Gulf: tour photos April 2019 by Katharina W.

Katharina kindly sent us a selection of the photos she took during the tour in the Saronic Gulf in Mar-April 2019:
20190330_Methana-GRIMG_1976.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190330_Methana-GRIMG_1976.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(94 Hits)
20190331_Methana-GRDSCN1295.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190331_Methana-GRDSCN1295.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(96 Hits)
20190331_Methana-GRDSCN1301.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190331_Methana-GRDSCN1301.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(92 Hits)
20190331_Methana-GRIMG_2002.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190331_Methana-GRIMG_2002.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(85 Hits)
20190331_Methana-GRIMG_2055.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190331_Methana-GRIMG_2055.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(90 Hits)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1559.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1559.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(97 Hits)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1581.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1581.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(86 Hits)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1593.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1593.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(81 Hits)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1706.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190401_Methana-GRDSCN1706.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(74 Hits)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1762.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1762.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(91 Hits)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1829.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1829.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(79 Hits)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1926.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190402_Methana-GRDSCN1926.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(89 Hits)
20190402_Methana-GRIMG_2111.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190402_Methana-GRIMG_2111.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(95 Hits)
20190402_Methana-GRIMG_2174.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190402_Methana-GRIMG_2174.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(94 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2040.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2040.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(77 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2049.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2049.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(78 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2060.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2060.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(127 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2140.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2140.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(82 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2228.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2228.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(85 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2260.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2260.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(74 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2274.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2274.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(88 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2283.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRDSCN2283.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(81 Hits)
20190403_Methana-GRIMG_2324.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190403_Methana-GRIMG_2324.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(81 Hits)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2335.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2335.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(79 Hits)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2344.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2344.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(81 Hits)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2382.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2382.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(86 Hits)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2390.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190404_Methana-GRDSCN2390.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(73 Hits)
20190405_Methana-GRDSCN2604.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190405_Methana-GRDSCN2604.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(85 Hits)
20190405_Methana-GRDSCN2625.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190405_Methana-GRDSCN2625.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(80 Hits)
20190406_Methana-GRDSCN2659.jpg (Photo: Katharina)
20190406_Methana-GRDSCN2659.jpg (Photo: Katharina) [info]
(78 Hits)
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