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Europe's Volcanic Outpost

- Tour to the Canary Islands: Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife -

The Canary islands form a fascinating and very diverse volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Famous for their mild weather year round, the hospitable islands not only offer spectacular scenery, delicious cuisine, friendly people and an interesting culture deeply involved in Europe's time of early trans-Atlantic discoveries, but also a myriad of geologic highlights to discover: historic young lava flows, cones and craters, lava tubes, calderas, impressive dikes, and a multitude of different deposits.
This tour visits the 4 most volcanically interesting islands - each with her own character: Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro, and Tenerife. Aimed towards people who have an interest in geology, nature, culture, photography and walking, the tour will be guided by a geologist with research background on the islands and/or photographer Tobias Schorr.
  • 4 islands in one tour: Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro, Tenerife
  • Spectacular scenery
  • Young volcanic features explained
  • Small groups
  • Accompanying geologist and/or photographer

J 1: Arrival at Tenerife south airport & transfer to Lanzarote
Flight to Lanzarote with BINTER CANARIAS. The meeting point will be in any case the north airport. Probably also the tour guides will arrive at the south airport and will do the transfer together with you to the north airport. In the case you get a direct flight to the north airport, you will meet there with the group.
H: hotel Hotelito at El Golfo area
J 2: Walking tour to the impressive Caldera Blanca
Drive through the volcano national park to the Caldera Blanca and walking to the craters.
H: hotel Hotelito in El Golfo
J 3: Corona volcano, view to Graciosa island and the lava tube
Today we will enjoy the view to the volcanic island Graciosa, visit the La Corona volcano and its huge lava tube "Jameos del Aqua" that was designed by the famous architect César Manrique in 1966. There you will discover an endemic crab (Munidopsis polymorpha).
H: hotelito El Golfo
J 4: Flight to Tenerife & La Palma
Flight to Tenerife & La Palma
H: hotel in Llanos de Aridane
J 5: Hiking into the caldera Tamburiente
Walking tour into the centre of the famous caldera Tamburiente
H: hotel in Llianos Aridane
J 6: The youngest volcanoes of La Palma
Visit of the volcanoes of St. Antonio and the youngest volcano Teneguia
H: hotel in Llanos de Aridane
J 7: Flight to El Hierro
Transfer day to fly to Tenerifa and to El Hierro
H: hotel Da Ines in Frontera
J 8: Scenic tour to the highest tops
The highest tops of El Hierro and the Tanganasoga volcano
H: hotel Da Ines in Frontera
J 9: La Restinga a little "Hawaii"
Today we will visit the volcano Tacoron, a lava tube and the lava flows of La Restinga
H: hotel Da Ines in Frontera
J 10: Flight - Valverde - Tenerife
Flight to Tenerife
H: hotel rural in Orotava
J 11: The caldera of Teide volcano
Walking tour in the caldera of Teide volcano
H: hotel rural in Orotava
J 12: Masca village
Today we will discover one of the most scenic and breathtaking routes of Tenerife island. On adventurous roads through valleys and passing old cinder cones, we will arrive at an landscape that reminds us southern America. At Masca we will have great photographic opportunities. There is time for spontaneous activities and routes.
J 13: Spare day
Spare day for spontaneous activities.
J 14: Departure from Tenerife
Transfer back to the south airport (the north airport is on the route so we can drop you there also!).
H: no accommodation

Point de départ:

The tour starts at the south airport of Tenerife island (if you get a flight to the north airport, there are good connections!)

Tour code: CAN_VOL
Thème: Randonnée et découverte: Photographie - Géologie & Volcanisme - Nature et Culture
Difficulté: Variable (dépendant de l'itinéraire choisi et vos préférences)
Groupe: 3-6
Durée: 14 days / 13 nights


pas de groupe programmé pour le moment

Prix: 2860 €  ? 

Le prix comprend:

  • Transfers on the islands
  • Domestic flights
  • Hébergement
  • Half board
  • Geologist / photography guide
  • If needed: Local guide
  • Entrances


This tour is offered in corporation with NatureDiscovery by German photographer Tobias Schorr who also guides most of his trips.
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