Lava lakes return - come join us! (VolcanoDiscovery Newsletter Nr 34, Mar 2022)

Erta Ale's lava lake in March 2022
Dear friends and guests,

Spring has come, Corona is loosing its grip, and most of our wonderful world is open to travel and to visits. While we hope peace will return to Europe and elsewhere, we invite you to dream, but also to embark on a unique travel experience.

Ethiopia, Vanuatu, Indonesia

As Erta Ale's famous lava lake has returned, we now offer a Volcano Special tour from 6-13 May to Ethiopia. This is your chance to see a boiling cauldron of lava up close, certainly one of nature's most rare and powerful sights and an unparalleled escapade. You'll be in a small group on this adventure and accompanied by our enthusiastic crew, in the best hands possible.
On Vanuatu, Yasur with its spectacular fireworks remains one of the most active and accessible volcanoes in the world. The mysterious and out-of the-world Ambrym volcano further north also started to show signs of new lava activity recently, and there are good chances its lava lakes are about to return. With Australia finally having opened up, we can resume our Vanuatu Volcano Expeditions from 7-21 Aug 2022.
Indonesia is finally opening up for tourism again, and the country's many active volcanoes are waiting for you: Krakatau, Merapi, Bromo, Semeru, Ijen, Dukono, Ibu - just to mention a few... You can enter Bali and from there go to other parts of the country. We are happy to announce that our Volcano Tours in Indonesia are on schedule again - have a look!

Iceland, Greece, Italy

If you havn't been there, you should consider going to Iceland at least once in your life. It's from all aspects one of the most remarkable places in the world. We still have spots on our Iceland geo-photo tour from 16-30 July 2022.
If you're in the mood for relaxed holidays with a great cocktail of paradise-like landscapes, culture, geology, hospitality and laid-back lifestyle, join our team for a walking tour in Greece, or look at our tours to Italy's volcanoes!
Part of the Laki Fissure row, Iceland
Part of the Laki Fissure row, Iceland
White beach at Sarakinikos, Milos, Greece
White beach at Sarakinikos, Milos, Greece
Curious to learn more about our tours?
Just visit our website, meet us and other guests on our facebook group or email us (reply to this message) with any questions you might have. We look forward to hear from you and perhaps meet you soon on one of our tours.

With our very best wishes for 2022!

Tom Pfeiffer & the VolcanoDiscovery team

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