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Italiens Vulkane - vom Vesuv zum Ätna

- 14-tägige Studienreise zu den aktiven Vulkanen Italiens -

Was Kunden über diese Reise gesagt haben:

"Unsere Tour auf den Etna mit Emanuela und Marco war fantastisch.."

"... Übrigens, unsere Tour auf den Etna mit Emanuela und Marco war fantastisch. Wir hatten einen wundervollen Tag zusammen. Marco und Emanuela haben uns alles super spannend erklärt. Es war wirklich beeindruckend. Alle waren begeistert. ..."
(M Fischer, CH, über die Tour am Ätna)

"War einfach ein Erlebnis."

"Hallo Tom,
... Denke oft an die Reise Ätna - Stromboli - Vulkano - Lapari zurück. War einfach ein Erlebnis.
Peter F." (Stromboli - Ätna Tour)

bedanken, für die tollen Tage,- Erfahrungen und Erklärungen (Stromboli bis Ätna Tour)

"Hallo Tom,
möchte mich noch einmal ganz herzlich bei dir bedanken, für die tollen Tage,- Erfahrungen und Erklärungen zu den einzelnen Vulkanen.
Der Transfer zum Flughafen hat super geklappt, wie überhaupt alles.

Grüße aus dem verregneten Hessen

Die Trekking Tour war für uns persönlich faszinierend und erlebnisreich.

Gruppe am Ätna
Gruppe am Ätna
Gruppe am Ätna
Gruppe am Ätna

"Hallo Tom,
mit diesem Mail möchten wir uns recht herzlich bei Ihnen und unserem Guide Rosario bedanken.
Die Trekking Tour war für uns persönlich faszinierend und erlebnisreich. Dank unserem Guide Rosario hatten wir auch sehr viel Spass dabei.
Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrem Team alles Gute.
Mit sonnigen Grüßen aus Sizilien.
Familien Sachs & Kölle" (Ätna Trekking Tour)

"this is just magic" (Nicolas from France about his Stromboli tour)

Strong eruption from the NE crater
Strong eruption from the NE crater
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9)

"Dear Tom,
I take advantage of this mail to state once again that this Stromboli discovery was great. You are used to but for newcomers, this is just magic.
Best regards - Nicolas
I saw that you have some customers testemony on your website: you may add this one if you want (and photo)
I wrote it in english (more international..)
"Thanks to VOLCANO DISCOVERY : we had a great Stromboli discovery, with my young kids.
Stromboli is just magic, erupting lava every 15 minutes or so, breaking the black night sky with fire: just great.
Going up with young kids is ok but needs some mental preparation and a good siesta before as the coming back is late night.
Last Congratulations to VOLCANO DISCOVERY: professional organisation and great spirit from managers that love volcanos and are not in just to tap money from tourists.
Best to all
Nicolas (44), Julia (7) and Yvan (9) - written 2 august 2011" (Nicolas, France, Stromboli tour)

Unvergessliche Erinnerungen

Hallo Tom,
Wir hoffen du und dein Gepäck sind mit der Alitalia gut in Griechenland angekommen.
Herzlichen Dank nochmals für die die tollen Tage, welche bei uns unvergessliche Erinnerungen hinterlassen haben. Ganz sicher werden wir nicht das letzte Mal mit dir unterwegs gewesen sein - falls du uns trotz fehlender Schwimmmotivation wieder mal mitnimmst;-) ...
Liebe Grüsse vom Zürisee, wo es seit unserer Ankunft nonstop regnet...
Danny und Eveline (Stromboli bis Ätna Tour, Mai 2010)

"Hello Tom, Ines, Nicola, James, Steve
Time passes by very quickly...
but i managed to sort out the highlights of my 650 photos of our trip 
in Sicily and the Eolian Islands.
Here it is:
It was really a pleasure to travel around with you and watching all 
those photos reminds me of those great days.
Hope to see you some day on a Volcano or in Switzerland or somewhere 
else on this beautiful planet...
Daniel" (Stromboli to Etna tour Oct 08)

Rückmeldung eines englischen Gastes:

"Just to say what a great trip to Etna and thanks to Rosario for showing me such wonderful sights. It was fantastic!" (T. Salt, UK) (Etna Private Tours)

Inès on Vulcano's crater
Inès on Vulcano's crater
Eine Rückmeldung eines dänischen Gastes:

 "Kære Tom
Tak for en skøn uge i det eoliske øhav og på Etna. Dejlige vandreture med
gode guider, smukke omgivelser og godt selskab, det var lige det jeg ønskede
mig. Vulcano, Stromboli og Etna er de første vulkaner, jeg har oplevet, og
det var helt fantastisk. Etna var virkelig storslået. De øde lavalandskaber
og alle de fine sten bjergtog mig helt og aldeles. På Stromboli var det fascinerende at se ned i krateret og se de små luende flammer og fontænerne
af ild, der skød op. Men de små fulmaroler på Vulcano med deres svovldampe betød noget helt særligt, fordi det er den første vulkanske aktivitet jeg nogensinde har set. Dette er steder, jeg gerne vender tilbage til.
Inès, Stromboli to Etna, Oktober 2008" (Ines K., Denmark)

"Hello Tom,  
Thanks a lot. I'm glad that I joined the Volcanoes of Italy - the Grand Tour. Everything was very well organised. For me personally, Stromboli and Etna were the highlights, but the other places and volcanoes may also not to be missed. Stromboli wasn't very active the evening we climbed to the summit. But, the day after I got the chance to take a few pictures from the observation platform at 400 meter. I was amazed by the results I got with a small digital camera. I'm really looking forward to new tours and destinations in the VolcanoDiscovery program for next year. Best Wishes, Ronny" (Belgium)
"Tom, Thanks for a magnificent trip... Brian" (Isle of Man)

"Tom... really enjoyed the day. Because of the amount of snow, we had to walk from the top of the cable car, and that made it a very long day but all the more memorable.
The visibility from the top was very good, and we could clearly see the Aeolian islands, although it was very hard to see into the crater because of the clouds of gas. We had some walking equipment, but the snow shoes Rosario brought were very useful, if a little difficult to get used to.
Rosario was great, with a very good knowledge of the mountain, volcanos, and good English (even if he didn't think so). We would certainly recommend yourselves and/or Rosario to anyone else visiting Sicily who wanted to go on Etna (or any other volcanos). Mark & Sarah (Scotland)" 

Rückmeldung von einer Italien-Reise mit VolcanoDiscovery im Mai 2006:
"Hi Tom - Hope you are well. Thanks again for a great trip - really enjoyed it - particularly the second climb to the craters. Had a good time - helped by the weather and a good group. - Well organised! ... Andy" (Etna-Stromboli tour Oct 2006)
"Tom, I just wanted to say thanks for arranging such a great trip. It was everything I hoped for and more. Marco was great, as was Rosario, and stromboli was absolutely stunning. I also wanted to confirm you were ok...we were all quite concerned considering you were right in the center of all the trouble over there. Please let me know if everything worked out. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship, and fully intend to use your services again in the future. With warm reguards, Stephen Hunt" (Etna-Stromboli tour May 2006)

Rückmeldung an unseren Freund & Reiseleiter Marco Fulle:
"Dear Marco,
We want to thank to you for your very kind guide in Italy... Hiromi asks me for saying thanks to you and Tom. She is also impressed by the beauty of the eruptions and volcanoes and is very satisfied for your guide... Kind regards, Seiji" (Japan; Stromboli tour Sep 2006)
"Buenos Dias Marco, It is really great hearing from you. How was your last tour? Not as good as us, right?! I really wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful guide. I had a wonderful time. Believe it or not, I really want to go back already. Someday, maybe I will move to Italy, who knows. For now, I am preparing to move to New York. I will continue to practice my Italian and perhaps I will see you again at another volcano. All the best, Sedelia" (NY, Etna-Stromboli tour May 2006)

Rückmeldung von der Neapel-Tour mit Marta Gasparrini:

"Just wanted to say thank you very much to Marta Gasparrini, for her mamzingly led trip through Naples, to Amalfi, which I was on the last two weeks...thank you for making it one of the best holidays of my life!" (J Brown, UK)

Rückmeldung zu unserer Tour in Italien mit Marta Gasparrini:
"... I just wanted to thank you for another nice trip. I'm sure it won't be the last. ... You seem to choose your people well...Marta was quite knowledgeable and very enjoyable to be with..." (Stephen, USA)
"Having been back from Italy for a week, just a few lines to say what a great holiday it has been. I thought that Marta did a brilliant job as tour manager, up to volcano discovery's usual high standards, if like the rest of the group, it had of been my first time travelling with the company i would have been very impressed..." (Steve, UK)

Etna private tour - May 07
Rückmeldungen für eine private Ätna-Besteigung mit unserem Reiseleiter:
"This is a note to say that we enjoyed the climb and you made it successful, interesting and informative. Thank you very much for being an excellent guide. I attach two of our photos, one taken at the crater rim - and one of you! ... Thanks again Rosario!" (T Ecott, Etna private tour, May 07)
"Just a quick email to say what an amazing time I had hiking up Mount Etna last Thursday. It was an amazing experience I shall never forget, much thanks to our guide who was informative, safety conscious and extremely patient! Regards, Francoise J." (Etna private tour, May 07)

"Hallo VolcanoDiscvoery & speziell Marta! Ich wollte nur mal mitteilen, wie sehr uns die Reise mit Euch und Marta gefallen hat. Für mich waren besonders die Bootstouren im Mittelmeer einer der Höhepunkte. Ich würde nichts an der Reise ändern! Marta - die hast eine tolle Reiseleitung gemacht! Alle waren von Dir begeistert! Terry" (Terry D., Colorado, USA)

Rückmeldungen zur Reise nach Sizilien mit Marta Gasparrini:

"Tom, Had a great tour, Etna was more than impressive, just fantastic - like a moonscape up there. ..." (J Perston, UK)

".. Just got back from Sicily. I had a very enjoyable time even though Etna has been shy and did not want to put on a performance. On the Monday I went round to the North side visiting the Grotta del ghiaccio, first time wearing crampons. The second day was spent in the Valle del Bove. The third day spent at the summit craters. The fourth day I joined Marta visiting the Alcantara Gorge, Taormina and spending the evening and next day in Catania.
As usual, Marta maintained the professional standards I have come to expect from the "Volcano Discovery" team, and I expect the three other clients felt the same way." (S. Banfield, UK)

Rückmeldung zu einer Individual-Tour am Ätna:

I am writing to you to thank you for a wonderful tour
Both yourself and Rosario provided a fantastic service from the moment we enquired to the moment we arrived back at Rifugio Sapienza. Rosario was a great guide and he helped us to get much more out of our trip to Mt Etna than we could have hoped for and truly made it a trip to remember.
Should you ever need a reference, I would be more than happy to oblige. As soon as I can, I will be putting some photos on our website of Rosario and our trip.  Should you want a copy of any of them, just let me know.  I will let you know when I have published them.  It will probably be at least a week though.

Many thanks once again, Daniel & Julie
Rückmeldung über eine Individual-Reise zum Ätna:
Hi all, Sorry about the late reply, just getting back in the swing of things at work. We climbed Etna as planned, although you do not appreciate the grand size of it until you are there. Etna being over 3 times higher than any mountain in Ireland. We met our guide at the top of the road near the excursion centre by the cable car. After he had sorted us out with gear we headed off up the cable car and trekking across the snow. i must admit that i had never trekked in snow before nor had any of my team. (We hardly get any snow in Ireland only rain). After hiking for about 4-5 hours and lots of breaks we got to the cabin at the top with in about 30 - 45 mins from the main cones.
It is hard to describe the mountain. it was total covered with snow  and was a small bit cold but once you keep moving you don't really feel it, a clear blue sky since we were above the clouds and total quite not a person for miles. Peaceful a bit different than my job.
After the guide digging out the snow from the cabin door we ventured in to get some much needed food and hot drinks which we had carried up the mountain. after resting at the cabin it was decided to head back down, as one of the teams old back injury had came back to haunt him. On the way down we looked at some lateral craters and vents. We later headed back down the cable car and to the excursion centre.
This trip was well worth going and i would recommend it to any one traveling to scissile to attempt this trip. Who knows I may come back and attempt it again myself one day, when I am a bit fitter I think.
A special thanks to the guide for staying with us and showing us the beauty of the mountain. I am sure he could have climbed the mountain in the half the time it he wanted to. (lol). And to all the staff of Volcano Discovery for making this trip one of the best trips i have been on.
Yours sincerely,
Christopher Corbett
Igor Kendrinkski
Paul Doolan
Marco (Ireland)
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